Friday Dopamine Dump (35 Photos)

  • Danno

    #28 Made me #29

  • Just Sayin'

    #15 doesn't matter how much viagra and E you take, the hoverhand will never leave you.

  • jmonster

    #28 insert dick here …. enjoy

  • pual

    #31 artax no!!!! yeah thats right it a never ending story quote.

  • BelowHeavens

    You must find #7 It's the Wu! Throw you're W's up…

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    #19 #28 #35

    what a way to help us get through the Friday afternoon before it's time for the first drink. Thanks, man.


  • Nala

    #28 is one of the most spectacular women I've ever seen on the chive.

  • captainobvious

    #32 Fuck yes!!!!

  • _Alisha_

    #32 Good lord, yes please

    • J. D. Rage

      a cute chick that likes bagged caddies!? shes perfect!!!

      • _Alisha_

        Aw complement! 🙂

  • ItsNotMeItsYou

    #7 – The Wu is BACK!

  • Observer

    #33 Ah, I miss the 'Burgh.

    • bloomfielder

      yinz guys havin an iron n'at?

      • PA2AK

        yep, we'll be dawntawn as always jagoff

    • dweber677

      I miss da 'burgh, but I can get this swill here in NC. And you know what I had one at Stillers fan club and it still tastes pretty retched. But here is to hoping my wife gets a job there after her PhD is done and we can move back.

      • DubleDex

        I like the idea of Iron City Beer … but man, it is a headache in a bottle. Awful stuff. If you want a decent affordable 'Burgh beer, go with some Penn Pilsner instead:

        • dweber677

          I was able to find the Penn Brewing beers in Raleigh once. then the distributor decided not to ship them here anymore. The amber I had was pretty tasty.

    • R.Square

      Looks so good I'm going to go to D's and get one now…

    • Alumni72

      Ah, Iron City – the best, purest water the refineries up the river can provide.

    • Brain Police

      Iron Shitty Beer…better to roll up the road to Latrobe and get some Rolling Rock.

      • dweber677

        You mean the other bottle of weasel piss? At least get a lager, Yuengling for you non-Pennsylvanians. Though my wife has a good story about a hangover she experienced from Rolling Rock.

      • capt.spaulding

        The Iron is made in Latrobe now and the Rock was bought by Anheuser-Busch and made out of state.
        Duquesne Pilsener Beer is one of the better local brews.

  • J-Walk

    #7 Dream girl.

  • BmoreJBD

    Go Ravens!!!

  • F Liepkin

    Which one is the millionaire Sugar-Daddy?

  • Poo

    #34 surf lodge, montauk?

  • canadianchiver

    #7 uh.. wow. moar please 🙂 find her

  • PA2AK

    #33 If you're from the 'Burgh…you know the 'Premium' is a lie.

  • @spudrik79

    #19 she would look naked from afar…

  • CDel

    Please find #7 !! DearGod MOAR!!!!

  • Jim

    #28 if youre out there, please make urself known. thanx, chivers.

  • @Paulie315

    I would like to see the rest of #7 body please!¡!¡

  • huskerzfan4life

    #29, the World championship Circle Jerk Team!

  • Bax

    #20 Goff's Caye, Belize?

  • bobby r

    Sweet Picture's.

  • JohnD

    #7 is fantastic

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