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  • observer

    what… what just happened here?

  • Jesse


  • tv_paul

    #6 Since the Chernobyl , that areas Troika dolls just haven't been the same.

    • annoying_paul

      stop posting nonsense

      • FunKiller

        Isn't that the essence of this post??

        • tv_paul

          Funkiller it's okay. I learned a long time ago only people you respect opinions should mean anything to you. So if he wants to waste his time and thumb me down and write his little insults under this or other names it's okay. Like one of the weekly posts is called "I do what I want".

          • FunKiller

            It's true, the people have spoken with the thumbing down of this fool.

          • paulSUX

            you're so full of yourself that you can't even fathom the possibility that there are more than a few who are not amused by your lame comments. don't confuse annoying_paul with paulSUX; we are not the same individual, but do like his/her style.

            • annoying_paul

              i agree good sir. i dont mind the comments ppl make but when you try so hard to get ppl thumb up your stupid long drawn out sayings its just a waste of time

      • AmBush_Steve

        Nonsense, aka something I haven't got a clue about. If you had any kind of an education, you'd know that tv_paul's comment is funny. Read a book paul.

    • DmitriLuvsVodka

      *matroshka dolls
      Troika is a 3-horsed sled. Still Russian, though.

      • Kelso

        I like that this comment was informative, yet respectful. Made me laugh too.

        • DmitriLuvsVodka

          Fuck you.

  • sfb101

    #9 Shades of A Christmas Story?
    Just when you're sick of horse heads… #23

    • El Cunado

      #9 Bite it rook…make him look like a dick!

  • YUM

    McDonalds breakfast sandwich..

  • stevie

    anybody else pooping with their laptop on their thighs?

    • YUM

      I reserve that move only for jacking. We have a relationship, and she hates the smell of shit

    • cweed

      it gets so hot though.

      • davo

        nope just you painfully single folk

  • crustybubblechunks

    #16 Pinkberry is fabulous!

    • Rahm Emanuel

      looks like ryan gosling…

    • AdamBaldick


    • KyleGamgee

      I could do that, but I don't want to.

      • Dan

        No, you really couldn't. You'd fall on your face.

        • mynameis

          Fucker wearing jeggins?

  • SEA253

    #16 #19 Do you know how I know you're gay ??

  • yam

    Why is it encouraged Chive???? "There are no comments posted yet. Be the first one!"

  • Trav1121

    #18 Hahahaha What?!

  • tv_paul

    #23 #25 Charades…movie..two words..first word chicken..hen..rooster..second word ..cock fire, cock flames .cock burns..I got it Rooster Cogburns!

    • annoying_paul

      stop posting. you waste your time trying so hard when you aren't funny

      • Nick Parsons

        I believe you are the only one who thinks he's not funny. Keep it up Paul!

        • annoying_paul

          hes not.

          • Michael Scott

            I like the Office reference Paul

            • lolwut

              True Grit..

        • John

          Paul is hilarious. he may not have a life, but he's funny!

      • paulSUX


  • jphine


  • Solidsmud

    #25 They must have told lies recently.

    • kikass

      HAHAHAHA best comment ever.

    • ronnydump

      I guess they had a foursome with Paula…ew

  • moose_nutz

    #25 must've gang banged a Philipino hooker.

    • Notknowing

      …and received gonorrhea.

    • torontobackgroundgirl

      Can we all take "gang bang" out of our vocabularies for a while? Little bit in poor taste since there's been so many gang rapes lately.

      • moose_nutz

        Gang bang = consentual sex with multiple people…no victim.
        Gang rape = Forced non-consentual sex with multiple rapists.
        For the record, I think those men who raped that women in India (and all rapists in general) should be castrated and have their genitalia shoved directly down their throats.

        • mynameis

          Well played sir!

  • Just Sayin'

    #6 Chernobyl Dolls

  • Danno

    #26 HONK HONK

  • SPZander

    #16 …still not gayer than twilight

  • glw


    Pull it out damn it pull it out!

  • Turd F.

    #25 He deserves to be on fire for wearing a pink Motörhead shirt.

    • smallcoder

      Agreed – is nothing unsacred anymore – overkill him now !

  • crazydog

    #6 kuato inception

  • ItsNotMeItsYou

    #25 – The REAL fire crotch!

  • Sarah

    #16 that's actually really impressive, great form

  • Hrdwood

    #24 The painted fingernails disturb me more than the outfit…

    • gofackyourself

      holy shit i'm glad im not the only one who noticed that and got waaay creeped out

    • smallcoder

      Do you think it can breed? Can it legally obtain fire arms?

    • Keither

      Seen him/her at West Edmonton Mall months ago, creepy shit.

  • Halls

    Just happened to be listening to Lumineers Ho Hey at the same time as seeing #2 never listen to that song in the same way again…

    • M.C.

      You mean that song somehow got worse?

  • DaddyD

    #9 … have you ever been so angry you took a bite out of the soap?
    #10 … have you ever been so happy you threw a whole chicken into the air?

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