There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (93 Photos)

  • SierraGolf

    I ❤ you Meaghan Jameson!!! #62

  • Squirrelin

    #83 Just does it for me

  • BAMF1324

    Dear #31, you are flawless! I think I'm in love. You can be my Petty Officer any day.

  • MHL1


  • BrisbaneChiver

    Would all of them.

  • 5.0


    Oh what we could do!!

  • powpow

    #7 please give us moar

  • David

    #91 Amazing!!

  • Crow

    #14 is a girl I used to know. Apart from being incredibly beautiful, she's also a very sweet and smart person.

  • Mmmotorboatin

    #75 your dog may have a drug problem…

  • Bob H

    #16, Now hold it just like that, I'm almost ready!
    #60, Yes I will. Just tell me where to be.

  • Avatar

    Uuugghh, where have they been all my life???

  • 0_o

    Hey John, how about you put together a "50 States of Chivettes" post with a Chivette from every state…

    • Alberta

      Yeah!! And same for Canada's provinces and territories!!

  • Peter Weber

    So many beautiful ladies out there #9 is stunning.

  • Carguy95

    #3 is downright gorgeous! Cotw?

  • theG_Man

    DAMN all these beautiful girls!!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 #59 #90 – great eyes, and great smiles.

  • Rock

    #31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love of GAWD MOAR!

  • Baker

    #43 Tattoos and a Red Sox jersey? All I can say is where do I mail the ring?

    Also, we need to see MOAR of #11, #21, and #27. Good tattoos on girls may be my Achilles heel.

  • Jbearr22

    #86 Hey okie good to know there's hot Okies out there.

  • ChoppedChive

    #66 please tell me you are an Alberta chivette. We need MOAR of you. Simply gorgeous.

  • Buddie

    IS #66 is the front of #56 ?? Just dreaming out loud !

  • Sid

    Great post. Lotsa beautiful ladies. thank you very much, my friday needed this.

  • Fal3n

    #19- I just want to hug and kiss this girl! Then maybe do other stuff : ) , because she is just so beautiful, sexy, and adorable!!! Chive- She better have a Chivette of the week feature on the way by now! C'mon meow. MOAR please : ) .

  • absure2

    #19 Thank You for moar awesome lady

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