There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (93 Photos)

  • Mattyj

    #71 made me hold my breath. MMMMMMOOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRR please

  • William Betkel

    #31 Beautiful…

  • Matt

    #31 Gotta love a sexy petty officer

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Holy sexy Chivettes!!!! *brain explodes*

  • James C

    #7 Is doing it right, damn sexy chivette

  • bobby

    #65 deserves her own gallery.

  • HeLl13

    #31 Deserves COTW, dear GOD send MOAR! Oh and, thank you for your service, you sexy ass sailor.

  • firstbeach

    #60 gets my vote

  • firstbeach

    "Jesus, again with the camera."

  • big al

    #32 is a tall Bitch

  • MrMr

    #68 & #92 – Gorgeous!

  • Yepper

    #73 Cute as hell and looks to have a fine bod to boot, nice.

  • Greggo

    #83 "A" for artistry and effort. Well done.

  • Truth

    #73 Gorgeously inferno hot! Make her Chivette of the Week, stat!

  • Fulano

    you are GORGEOUS!!! moar of you please!!!!

  • eric

    #1 WOW!!!!!!!!!!! where did the time go? I got so lost in your eyes that I misplaced my life.

  • @TattooLost

    Damn I need me a chivette!

  • rooster

    #60 i'll marry youuuuuu

  • Steve Seymour

    #73, you are adorable!

  • SoFLRider

    #19 Such a tiny, perky, round ass. moar
    #31 attractive!
    #36 She's super cute with a HOF ass.
    #93 sometimes I'm blinded by bewbs

  • nappy

    Find #12!!

  • babaganush

    Sooo, chivettes are responsible for global warming and also warming in my pants

  • BobRob12

    #31 Lets see what you've got under that uniform. FIND HER!!

  • Rickkkk

    I know #31, she's got an AMAZING ass, at least from what I've seen in jeans! I'm sure all of us would LOVE to see MOAR of that….

  • matt wilson

    37,74,78, and as always 84! All of you ladies are so gorgeous!!

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