There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (93 Photos)

  • wnstncp

    Thanks for the smile #81! Can I get a ride?

  • anonymous


  • Daniel Clifford

    I found # 37 right next to James in the OC

  • Jesse

    #68 Will you marry me? Rock on!

  • Kevin

    #36 Dani?

  • Rick

    #30, #45, #46, #73. Once again, the brunettes rule the day.

  • Merlin

    Greydon Square is a brainless moron who should have found something better to do in his life than making fun of God and his church, instead he should be repenting of some of their horrid things he has been saying in his music which sounds satanic because of some of the deplorable things he says he ought to apologize for.

  • Merlin

    Why would anyone want to sing about their atheism for? Why sing about not believing in God, what is the point in doing that? Why would Henry Rollins say he is an atheist and yet go to Israel for if he claims he does not believe in an afterlife?

  • Merlin

    Greydon Square is a brainless moron. I wonder who the sanctimonious censors are who have mysteriously erased my comments about the brainless atheist Henry Rollins going to Israel who didn't repent of his unbelief?

  • chivedaddy

    how can I POSSIBLY KCCO? I work with #70 and there are women like #93, #83, #77 and #78 out there in my world?

  • Blk_944

    #3 stole my heart

  • JudeCT

    I think im in love with #19 can we have MOAR please!

  • Brian

    are there any of these ladies in the DFW area? home for 1 week before re-deploying.. would be awesome!!

  • @SoCalChiver

    #19 so gorgeous!

  • K-1

    #2: hot damn!
    #35: i want that Grumpy Cat blanket.
    #92: indeed…

  • Stacy

    #52 oops! i think my ex-boyfriend sent this in! damnit!

  • MrFumbles

    #1 #9 #39

    Love the eyes.

  • LBF 4 ever
  • DrMichael

    How ironic that her number is 69……that is what I was thinking too

  • Carlito Gilchrist

    Number 84 I love your shirt! And your super adorable, please marry me!

  • Hunter

    Where in Texas is #50? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

  • Sunny

    very bad

  • AmericoPolk

    #12 quite a treasure

  • Lou

    That marine in 31 IS SUPER hot. And the black mami in 31 wow!

  • nickle

    #15 if you see this i've been looking for a girl like you a beautiful looking thing like you and i know you probably think i'm stupid for saying that stuff or we can talk

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