There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (93 Photos)

  • nickle

    #15 if you see this i've been looking for a girl like you a beautiful looking thing like you and i know you probably think i'm stupid for saying that stuff or we can talk

  • nicholas

    #15 my real name is nicholas not nickle you can be a model with your sexy brown hair and that sexy smile of yours. Im a 17 years old and looking for someone like you to make me happy because i've been abused by my real parents, which now i'm adopted and got almost killed by moments ex-husband( if you want to know why i can tell you). I got a brother that trys to kill me too and my life feels like its going down the drain. When i look at you i see a beautiful/sexy young lady that has a sexy smile and a happy life. if anyone reads this and the nickle one can you tell number #15 that i'm going to be a lawyer and i love her so much

  • josbua

    15 i lov yu ani think i know you from first grade aka your still very fine i hope we can talk

  • josbua

    #15 i would like to talk to you if you feel like it, but guess you already have a boyfriend because your sexy. What sucks is i just saw the girl of my dreams which is you beautiful and i'm going to be dying soon like in four or three days and i'm only 17. They say live your life to the fullest, but thats hard to do in three or four days without a beautiful women in my life like you, but you probably don't care at all, so i leave you alone and die( crying). i love you so much bye.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Thank you to all the beautiful ladies with light or no eye make-up, especially #1 #12 #64

    • ChristophersonofGray

      and #16

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