Trapping a bobcat is easy. Setting him free’s the hard part (Video)

These guys stumbled across a bobcat that had gotten caught in their trap, so they decided to set it free. The little guy put up one hell of a fight though.

  • Nala

    I'm honestly not qualified to comment on their skill in trapping, the morals of hunting or trapping or predator/prey management – so I'll abstain there.

    What made me think these guys were douches was that once they let it go, they kept fucking with it for more footage time. Just get in your car and go and leave it alone if you're actually 'saving' it.

    • Mack

      I can't agree with you at all. They were not messing with it, but waiting to see how healthy it looked while running away. Not once did they say anything inappropriate or try to injure/torment the cat.

      Trapping is trapping. Filming your hunts/traps is common. The guy was allowing the cat to chew on the stick to release it. He wasn't pinning it down by the throat.

      Don't compare wildlife to humans either people. All men are created equal, not all species.

  • Kris

    This is sick. I don't consider entertainment, watching some poor tormented beautiful animal stuck in a trap that these 2 dim wits set up while you hear them laughing their idiots laugh the entire time. I of course do not 'pretend' that accidents like this don't happen but it's not exactly what I want to see when I check out thechive. And no I do not exist in a mocha latte with skim world, wearing leather gloves and fur. I am a full time vegan and animal acitivist and yes I do still enjoy thechive and would appreciate not seeing this kind of thing on their website.

    • Tam

      And I hope I never see a pro vegan post on this site, because I will whine about it not being entertainment and post to have it taken down.

    • Mack

      Soo… no bacon? GTFO

  • Shane

    To all the people that don't like hunting, please keep your mouth shut if you don't understand. I am a hunter and I do it to provide for my family. I eat everything I kill and never hunt strictly for sport. I don't know the whole story with this video but if that was not their trap they should not have touched it. If it was and it wasn't bobcat season they did the right thing. We would have seen blood in the snow if the bobcat was severely injured.

  • Bustanut

    they'd probably never trap again if the cat ripped off the guy's dick while he was trying to set it free

  • TheMess

    Take this video down, I'm disappointed!

    • TheMess

      Ban internets that I don't like!

  • TheDude

    People seem to not understand what trapping is.

    The animal doesn't just see the trap and keel over ready for the skillet, trapping is trapping and usually means dispatching the animal upon arrival.

    Know the facts of the video and the people involved, understand the methods and means of hunting/trapping, then make an educated comment.

    How about a deer getting hit by a car and someone having to end things with a knife or metal bar because that is all the is available or bird falling from a nest, reality isn't always sunshine and lollipops.

    Please use logic and sense when viewing these videos.

    • Woop

      couldnt agree more. It's not always black and white. People are so quick to judge and dont realize that things dont always fall on either side of a line. Thats why media is so readily abused these days.

  • mrmostlymittens

    I think you should take this video down, Chive. Torturing an animal doesn't seem to follow the 'KCCO' lifestyle

    • Cry Me A River

      Torturing? Really? Please stay in Canada.

  • Stacey

    This should never have been posted. The Canadian Lynx is a threatened species and as a Canadian citizen I find this video extremely offensive. Hunting for food is one thing, but setting a leg trap is not hunting, it is a pathetic way to trap any animal. It is incredibly cruel and requires no skill. An instant kill is painless, a foot trap (if the animal is lucky enough to get its foot trapped instead of any other body part) is painful, cruel, and extremely stressful. The animal must wait in fear until some asshole shows up with a gun. PATHETIC. I hope all of you assholes who trap animals fall into a death trap yourselves.
    As for The Chive, shame on you for posting this as entertainment. Not everyone is okay with watching animal cruelty.

    • Matt

      Not a lynx

    • Casey W.

      You've got to be kidding me with the "requires no skill" part. You must be from the wrong part of Canada.

  • nasty

    this is disgusting. I cannot believe this is on here. ill make sure the next time I see a suffering animal to tell it to kcco. would rather see some big tit slut with a butter face in the trap than a suffering innocent animal. so gross. raise your standards chive.

  • that dude

    these kids are fucking pussies… anyone can leave a trap… thats bitch coward shit… that poor things arm is probably gone and it went off to die somewhere… how pathetic can you be to leave a TRAP as a means of hunting… that was a decent jeep so it doesnt look like your that poor… cowards.

    • TheDude

      For some a trap is a means to a living.

  • tim

    I like how this is posted in the category of nature. there is nothing natural about 2 dip shits hiding a trap and an animal just going about its life unknowingly stepping on it and snaping its leg. this is gross. if youre going to hunt by all means go be a big man and kill you some dinner but trapping is for pussys. crow a pair. these guys arent awesome. they are idiotic pussy farts. the chive sucks for posting this take it down.

  • ChivetteKellie

    Am I the only one that wanted these two guys to get attacked by the Bobcat? That looked incredibly painful, and really hard to watch.

  • SkillinVillain

    My grandpa rescued a couple orphan Bobcats when I was a kid. Raised them in the back yard. They are awesome pets when treated properly. Sure am happy to see these guys let him go!

  • brock

    For one the cat was released,. Me being a lifetime hunter and trapper this cat was caught by the toes. Therefore the damage was very little if not none. These trapper so they call them selves are not properly equipped. They should have been using a catch pole the same type the animal control officers use. So they can protect themselves as well as the animal. To catch a bobcat you have to use a special type of trap which they call a offset leghold. This causes the trap not to close all the way. Why they use this is because cats are very intelligent animals and are very quick. Which gives the edge for the trapping society….

    The cat was released and the trappers so called learned their lesson. Its a shame because ignorance like this puts a bad name on the hunting and trapping society.

  • Big Guy

    I own a vet clinic. That foot was likely broken. The odds of his living are slim. If he had caged him and brought him in, he might have had a chance.

    Sad damned video.

  • TheDude

    Why does everyone believe it was their trap?

  • problem solved

    #1: its a cat… Who gives a fuck.

  • iskra9

    You. Dumb. Fucks. ……. 'Merica .. oh yeah.

  • Suzy Herrera

    This is cruel. Take this video down!! Come on chive, since when?!

  • BeccaBee

    Wow people really need to chill out. If it was a video of them trapping a Bobcat and killing it you'd bitch and whine, but this is a video of them setting it free and yet you STILL bitch and whine.

    And to those people who are all high and mighty about hunting, um, if you haven't noticed humans are kinda the hunter gatherer type. And all the people that have complained about hunting cant all be vegetarian/vegan. I mean if you go to any supermarket and buy any form of meat product, where the actual hell do you think its come from? Surely killing an animal in the wild, that's had 'X' amount of years roaming free (and would probably get eaten by a different predator anyway because SURPRISE that's how the general food chain works) is better than killing animals that have been cooped up all their lives? I just don't get some peoples logic.

    • TheDude

      Fact of the matter is they don't have any logic.

      They have no idea what nature is really like, say maybe a pack of wolves taking down a calf moose, tearing it apart for a few minutes before it dies and the mother watches and can't do a thing about it.That is reality but they wish to ignore that side of it and comment on everybody else that are out there in nature.

      It's okay though , that package of chicken breasts, they just magically appear under the plastic and Styrofoam.

      These people should go and catch a fish, or shoot a deer or trap rabbit, time for them to grow a pair and get back to what the real world is.

  • Tony

    Fuckin Mericans .

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