• FlackintheBox


    Good job letting that poor cat get back to his life!

    • http://twitter.com/scaggnettii @scaggnettii

      I hope Mac is beating the shit outta Alec right now.

    • kidn

      +16 on a "first" vote?

      i don't understand what's happening.

  • KCCO CA_916

    I understand why this is "touching" and "cool" and "awesome"… And I'm sure I'll get thumbed down, but was this their trap? They didn't seem like hunters/trappers. And if it was, then I ask the question: You were willing to kill a different animal for (insert reason here) so why didn't you kill this animal in your trap? Bobcat fur has value, the meat has value. If you treat and respect the kill right, you can make as much, or more, from this catch.
    You think the bobcat is "doing fine, dude" and will "make a great recovery", but with the raised adrenaline it will show no signs of injury while escaping, then likely it just ended up curling up in a ball until some other animal walked up and tortured it to death for a next meal.

    Bottom line: Be a hunter and hunt… or… Don't. And leave hunting to the hunters.

    • 1911

      Thumbs up from me buddy. Fellow outdoors man and hunter here.

    • Todd_A

      I agree with 1911. Gotta do the right thing by the animal.

    • Harmonica33

      well "real" hunters dont hunt for fur or meat not anymore at least. hunters hunt to keep the animal population at bay, because the natural balance has been destroyed, and some natural predators are just extinct in some regions. the fur and meat is just a sideproduct now.

      • Shoofly

        That's funny, EVERY "real" hunter I know hunts for the meat (can't think of any hunters I know that aren't "real" hunters), while understanding they're helping to keep the population under control (the side effect). Most of my friends hunt, half my family hunts, and I look forward to getting a little of the meat every year. A lot of it goes to food banks to help feed homeless and underprivileged families.

        • https://www.facebook.com/ross.booth.12 Ross Booth

          Hunters hunt because they enjoy killing. All that other shit (meat, fur, population control) is just justification.

          • J-Lev

            Wow! You're totally right! We're all a bunch of crazy wannabe serial killers, but we fear the law too much to actually kill people. We go out with our guns and bows and slay animals instead, just for that quick thrill. I've never enjoyed the taste of the meat. I despised the time spent with my father and Grandfathers. I just wanted to kill something, and animals were the safest bet……………Idiot

        • J-Lev

          Got to agree with you there buddy. My family has grown up hunting and it has been a main staple on our dinner tables every year, all year round. My dad has hunted for about 35 years or more, and I for about 18. I can count on one hand the actual mounts that we have on the wall from a few very memorable hunts. The hunt is about the hunt. The meat is delicious and the fur/hide might fetch a price or whatever, but the true hunt is going out there, being with nature and a good mentor and appreciating everything that you have.

          • Eddieo

            and then putting a bullet in one of Gods creatures.

            • John

              If you believe in God the you should know that the very reason he created most of those creatures, was to feed us.

    • Static

      if you are going to hunt, dont use a trap, thats just cheating…and cruel

      • BMTE

        If the cat was still in the foot hold trap, then it wasn't in any pain. If the cat was in pain it would have chewed its own foot off.

    • BTME

      The cat may have been out of season or the state quota's met?

    • http://www.yougottagged.com rixbury

      I agree 100%. I don't even know why those traps are still allowed.

    • KxQ

      Well said, sir. Couldn't bring myself to watch the entire video of these jackasses.

    • A2_tha_MFK

      I hunt hunters! Because humans have over populated this planet. They are also responsible for more animal extinctions then I care to count. I help wildlife and attack the real problems! YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brody

      Depending on which state or country this man is in, maybe you can't legally trap and kill a bobcat, I'm a Canadian and where I live we can't trap bobcat! This man is a true trapper, he didn't want to see this animal suffer or kill it for no reason so he let it go! If you were a real trapper or hunter, you would have thought maybe he was using a soft mouth coil spring trap. which will not break any bones and there for the animal will make a complete and full recovery. Besides where I come from you only kill what you will eat and who wants to eat a bobcat? Save your criticism since you are clearly very unaware of what you are talking about, also it's not about the money it's about the principal

  • KCCO CA_916

    Bottom line: Be a hunter and hunt… Or.. Don't. And leave the hunting to the hunters.

    • BTME

      So trapping isn't hunting?

      • J-Lev

        If you toss a mouse trap behind your fridge is that hunting? Nope.

  • guest

    i have had almost the same thing happen the oley problem is that i had to let the bobcat go because in the state i trap in you are oley allowed to take one a year and they tend to like the same trap sets as fox

    • Bean508

      I hope you dont really think ONLY is spelled oley…

  • Truth Hurts

    Since when is trapping with such a device hunting?

    Second thing. Why hunt Bobcats or Pumas or Lions or Wolves or Bears? They deserve respect and keep prey populations in check.

    /s/ someone who has killed a Ptarmigan with their bare hands

    • Casey W.

      Because, what keeps their pop. in check. To many predators = no prey.

    • Bob25

      They also kill off smaller farm raised animals. Chickens, deer, goats, etc. When you spend 30k on a good buck for breeding, you don't want a bobcat taking it down.

    • BTME

      Well Truth Hurts, the predators have nothing to keep them in check. So, like here in MT, the elk and deer herds are hurting big time in areas with wolf.

    • I don't know

      Along with all these other posters reasons, these guys obviously weren't hunting bobcats wolves or bears or mountain lions. If they were they would of killed that bobcat right? Lions aren't native to America so we don't really have to worry about that. The other animals you mentioned generally are only hunted when they are causing issues like wolf packs killing herds of farm animals in Montana area. Most states have a moratorium on killing wolves and mountain lions since they are nearly extinct.

  • 3pleasantgentlemen

    This is a perfect analogy for trying to take your buddy's keys away when he's drunk. "I'M DOING THIS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, YOU STUPID BASTARD!!"

  • Guest

    "That's a free bobcat right there."

    • BuffaloJustSayin

      How much for that bobcat?

  • 3pleasantgentlemen

    Pretty much exactly what it looked like when we tried taking mom's wine away at Christmas.

    • megan

      Best comment ever.

  • Chris

    This video should be pulled, seemed more like torture than a release. 4 years ago some guys in Saskatchewan shot/poached some ducks and youtubed it. They faced jail time and fines for what they did. If these guys we unlawful then they should get the same! I didn't think this was the chives type of video this wasn't cool or awesome. http://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/3-sask-men-arrested-

    • john

      they didn't shoot it or kill it moron.

    • Jerry

      Grow a pair, dude. It was probably out of season. They didn't break any laws.

    • PETA

      i can see your vagina from here.

  • YouWhat?

    I agree with Chris. Chive should take this video down. That cat is probably seriously injured now and will die a horrible death.

    • Dagpo

      what exactly is not a horrible death in the wild?

  • Alisha

    So disappointed in The Chive right now. That Bobcat is going to die since those guys are douches. Take this down. I am so glad other Chivers feel the same way.

    • I don't know

      Why is the bob cat going to die? He was set free from the trap and looked to be fine after. As other chives have said, if the bobcat was in pain it likely would of chewed its leg off to get out of the trap. Also, they probably couldn't of just killed it out right because of hunting laws that restrict or prohibit killing them especially out of season. Further, the guy in the video who you claim is a douche, risked getting hurt to free the bobcat and made sure it made its way back into the wild. If they wanted to be douchey they could of left it there trapped until it starved or they could of killed it. Get off your high horse you dumb cunt.

    • Shoofly

      It was probably a "safe trap" that holds the animal, but doesn't cut into the flesh and cause damage. Kind of like getting your finger stuck in one of those Chinese finger traps.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_JyOLNsMpQ CarrotsHaveFeelings2

      It looked like the back seat in Pulp Fiction. With all that blood loss, I'm surprised the little fella made it through that ordeal. He probably has emotional boo boos!

  • Leroy

    Fuck these guys.

  • Guest

    Those two dbags should have never touched a trappers trap. You don't realize the amount of time effort money and knowledge that goes into trapping. That's probably how that trapper fed his family and they just stumbled upon it and let it go. If you think about it it's kinda like stealing from that guy cause he lost a lot of money when that cat was running away

    • tbjacobs

      You, sir, are a douche. KCCO.

    • that dude

      if u knew how to read which i assume you don't, (because u hunt and most hunters are red necks who read at a 1st grade level) you would see a word that says "their" which means it belongs to someone… ur brain is mush. go off yourself u mouth breathing simpleton.

      • Justin

        If you knew how to write intelligently, your argument might be valid. The other problem is that you clearly know nothing about hunters.

  • Casey W.

    A**holes just inflicted more injury to the animal because they were ill prepared and to get Internet famous. Id like to slap them. Any good trapper knows you get a big piece of plywood with a notch for the leg and chain to fit it. You slide that towards the animal and it gives you room to open the trap. I am a hunter/trapper.


  • Chad

    Hope I never a video like this on here again.

    • http://twitter.com/scaggnettii @scaggnettii

      Couldn't agree more. Fuck these guys and don't post shit like this chive. KCCO

    • Spelling Police

      I hope "you never a video" as well. Stay in school.

  • Not a raper

    I never let trapped pussy free

  • beard

    I wonder if there is a longer video with a view of a plate. If so thechive should turn over that full video to what ever wildlife feds apply.

    • mustache

      beard?…this is mustache…you should shave, you're stupid.

  • boredbill

    Gin traps are so indiscriminate, they suck.

  • G'wan bi

    You can actually hear that guys underbite

  • Frank

    "Bock up"

  • TheDude

    Come on people you don't know the facts or who's traps they are or what the circumstances are or the regulations in that area.

    As for the duck hunters comment , they taped themselves POACHING not hunting within the law.

    Also, grow some nuggets , hunting and trapping is what it is, don't like it, don't participate or watch but don't condone others for doing it.

    Kinda funny when people jump on the anti hunting/trapping bandwagon then run off to the supermarket to buy their chicken or beef raised and forced fed in a feed lot. 😉 , oh, all this while wearing leather gloves and boots 🙂

    • TheDude

      Oh, and the cat will be just fine.

    • Tdub

      Thank you for being a logical person. They freed the cat, which they weren't trying to trap (why else would they let it go?) …it's not like they were hunting and had their crosshairs on the wrong animal on purpose.

    • uplim

      I believe you meant condemn*

      • that dude

        hes obviously a red neck mouth breathing simpleton… they usually dont pass 1st grade. no use trying to correct him… his brains are mush.

        • TheDude

          I have half my grade 12 so be quiet 😉

          Do you have a better rebuttal than mine? You can do it!

          If you wanna do the personal attack thing I can play also.

  • Dork

    Can't help but feel like these guys kind of suck. If it was their trap then fuck them – I hope they get their hand stuck in a trap out in the snow. I hope someone comes along and chokes them with a tree branch. If it is not their trap then semi-props to them for releasing the cat but what a piss poor job of doing it. Seems like they were more interested in filming it than making sure the cat is OK.

    Either way, I come to the Chive to see hot chicks and not frozen bloody tormented pussy. Chive – feel free to take this one down.

    • I don't know

      What exactly would you of suggested them do to making freeing the animal better? They improvised a rescue. I'm pretty sure the bobcat want being choked with the stick since he was biting it most of the time (ie they used it as a distraction to be able to get him out). Trapping is legal in many states and countries. If you have a problem with it do something about it beside posting ignorant whiny comments bitching on the Internet.

      • Dork

        1. Once they released the cat they should have given it space and not stand there with the camera. Had they done that it might not have gone under their jeep.

        2. Just because trapping is legal does not mean that I have to agree with it. It still seems like a cruel way to catch animals.

        3. Nothing about my comments were ignorant, whinny or bitchy and I'll post them where I want asshole.

        4. Go fuck yourself

        • mrmostlymittens

          Well said, Dork

  • TFred

    It seems like this was a reality check for some ppl. They pretend ACCIDENTS like this don't exist in their mocha latte w/ skim world as they wear leather boots/gloves and fur. It's unfortunate it happened but they let it go to the best of their ability.

    • JohnD

      This is just as ignorant a post as the people you attempt to berate. Assuming anyone with a negative opinion of trapping sips "mocha latte[s] w/ skim" and wears leather and fur without considering where it comes from is a fallacy. I hunt, I fish, and I have respect for the animals that I take. Trapping an animal and leaving it sit in said trap, wounded, and then cornering it so it inflicts more damage and pain on itself before being killed is hardly humane or necessary.

      • Idk

        And the dudes didnt corner and torture the animal before killing it did they champ? What gives you the right to say that the way you kill animals is any more humane than trapping? You don't that if you don't hit that deer with a kill shot that its not in pain while its running away bleeding out? And finally, the comment you are replying to wasn't specifically defending trapping, he was berating those people who want to bemoan this video while they have taken advantage of farm raised food and other animal products while never hunting or taking responsibility for taking the life of the animal they use. Most people today are so disconnected from the food chain it's crazy. They don't see a hamburger or pork chop as a piece of a dead animal rather just meat they can get at the store just as easy as a bag of chips.

        • uhhuh

          Right, walking up to an animal with its leg in a serrated trap doesn't make that animal thrash about and damage it's leg. That bobcat totally didn't freak out when a human got near it.

  • Guest

    Canadians do good. And I believe these fine Canadians just did a good thing

  • Canucks_Rule

    proof all cats are dumbasses.

    • Gursch

      whenever i see your name i thumbs down you. canucks will NEVER win a championship. how's that make you feel? it doesn't matter because i don't give a fuck

      • Canucks_Rule

        i agree, tarantino is in top form in "django unchained."

        • Gursch


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