• itstanrum

    Of course the asian is the beat boxing percussion.

  • chilly

    New exclusive leaked pics ond vids from famous athletes and more!!!

  • Anansiem

    I'm so glad my favorite bad has been recognized on my favorite website!

    They have multiple amazing videos; I'm surprised they don't have a full thread dedicated to some of the unique videos these guys make; Definitely check out "Red Hands" and "somebody I used to know".

    Also research "backin' up" and "Sunny D and Rum". These guy make cover songs in the best way possible!

  • justin

    Another group like this but better in my opinion is Pentatonix check them out on youtube.

  • canadianchiver

    quality tunes. pretty sure they;re from burlington onatrio.. awesome

  • Geoff

    Duwende had the first asian beatbox guy. They are twice as good.

  • https://www.facebook.com/bjorndavidsonartist Bjorn

    I feel awkward after watching that….minus 2 man points

  • Liz Lemon

    Had to compare and I have to say it's a shame when someone can cover your song and do a better job than you. This is better than the original song. Very impressive… esp the little Asian dude. Great skill.

  • karen

    Sorry but this version is 10x better –

    • Mattyboy

      You're kidding right?

  • jojo

    i would rather listen to her sing then taylor swift any day!!! that was fantastic! the guys were amazing too!

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  • yeagerdan757

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  • http://5thingsawesome.com/5-awesome-song-covers/ 5 Awesome Song Covers that Make Bad Songs Not Suck - 5 Things Awesome

    […] the Chive says its awesome, I’ll take their word for […]

  • Nooria


  • horrigann

    that was good, damn

  • Guest

    We need MOAR of her! So hot!@

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