Meanwhile in the continent that I wish I lived in.. (34 Photos)

  • TpJmmy

    #9 seriously Doug? You wished you lived in a world of poo?

  • turdferguson

    #14 Must have my NOODLES!

  • segmation

    #29 looks like fun to me. Thanks for sharing.

  • that dude

    *in a continent i thank jesus every day i dont live in*

  • Jaaaseff

    To all the people making retarded assumptions. A lot of this would be equivalent to deriving all you know about Americans from watching 'jackass.' Don't be idiots.

    • Yooneth

      Or lady gaga

    • Yooneth

      Or that show strange addiction

    • Moonp1e


  • Mike

    Seriously Japan, what the hell.

  • halfsmoke00

    #27 Underpants gnomes.

    • Wut

      Maybe they're Mormons?

  • Pvtdeth

    #1 That's Anpanman. It's one of the longest running cartoons ever, maybe the longest. If he gets injured, his creator just bakes him a new head and he throws out the old one.

  • tony

    This is why Japan can't be allowed to have a military again …

    • Japanese Attack

      So, they're going to fling dung at us from a one man chopper or unleash creepy crossdressers on us? All that would prove to be is hilarious.

    • Anomanom

      They do have military…

  • Kevin

    Anyone else notice that every picture either has an Asian or Asian writing?? O.o

  • Dr. Evil

    #4 is actually pretty clever.
    #12: D'aaawww!
    I have a feeling #20 is going to be the type of person who's going to be completely useless until they've had at least two cups of coffee when she gets older.
    #27: Worse. Bane. Costumes, EVER!
    #29 is less "bizarre" and more "TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME!"

  • che cazzo

    i think the bomb we dropped on japan is still affecting their brains 70 years later

    • dave

      bahahahahah funny eeh? you're funny dude, hey while we are on the "joke about thousand and thousand horrible death by atomic bomb,why dont we joke about the nazi genocide, or the 9/11, or cambodia killing field, you're soooooooooooo funny bahahahah blehh…

  • Richh

    I do not wish to live on that continent but ill take that adorable panda any day.

  • B-to-the-H

    #9 – That is a shit ton of… well… shit.

  • Nate

    It's easy to say they're weird when it's all you're shown. I've seen weirdos like #2 in Tokyo, but it's not often at all. You'll probably be disappointed how normal Japan can be.

    Let's gather up a bunch of weird photos of American stuff, you know, Toddlers in Tiaras, Honey boo boo etc..

    Just sayin' 😉

    • easterner

      Chive does already under WTF & Redneck Inventiveness, The point is that photos from Japan and Russia tend to show some really off the wall stuff. Pretty much all Chive posts lack context since few get a caption.

  • 나 입니다


  • Ally

    #11 is going to haunt me…

  • th3lawmak3r76

    #14 is shopped but still funny 🙂


    #34: VACUUM VAG !!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #32 – ok, that is a pretty badass godzirra tree…. but seriously wtf asia?

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  • goldengekko1

    #28 Pedobear teddys? 😀

  • AcidStache

    # 27 it doesn't matter who we are… what matters is our plan. No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.

  • The Occupant

    That's from North America, actually.

  • coop

    Dude…Daffuuqq is up with those countries?

    • Come on man.

      They have a different culture than America? I know it's hard to believe.

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