A rainbow colored igloo made from an unlikely source (17 HQ Photos)

Over the holidays New Zealand native Daniel Gray traveled from his current residence in Canada to his family home where he had five weeks to kill with his family. Naturally, his mind began to wonder. After collecting a few hundred milk cartons, they filled each one with water and some food coloring and created ice-colored bricks. The seemingly simple project to make an igloo out of frozen milk cartons ended up taking over 150 hours and 500 ice bricks to complete. But the result is something spectacular.

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  • http://fgvl.co Jamie Fehr

    The heat efficiency of that igloo is greatly compromised, a proper igloo has a floor that is higher than the ceiling of the entrance to prevent the hot air from escaping out. With that design it is possible to heat an igloo with a single candle. That said, this wasn't built to live in but as an art project and in that sense, big win!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – coolio.

  • Ali

    Ahhhh NZ weed, the reason things like this happen!!

  • K-1

    #16: friggin' awesome!

  • bee


  • Coldzilla

    Ummmmmmmmm NZ winter is June, July, August

    Pretty sure you have it reversed

  • teeeny

    I want one.

  • SoabStiven

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  • beerich

    Quite roomy. He could open some shops and call it "West Edmonton Igloo"

  • illkaze

    one of the best ways to kill time! very cool!

  • illWill

    How did they finish the roof?! I see myself running into problems in that area.

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