Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • John Robert

    An epic photo, and an interesting story. Flight from Iceland to JFK, this passenger got drunk and was unruly. He was then restrained by the passengers for the rest of the flight to New York. I'm betting that the passengers who restrained him are Chivers. In fact, I would bet good money they are.

  • Masshole

    # 23=Super BOOT!!

  • K-1

    #8: danggg…
    #11: Fat cats are great!
    #14: doing the PSY on that

  • pa'ver

    #26 can I borrow you for a little while?

  • Seymour-Butts

    #14 Find her!!!!!!

  • Albert

    If that's supposed to be German, it should either say "Teufel Hunde" or "Teufel Hündin" depending on if it's supposed to be the plural of dog or a feminin dog.

    • Albert

      *female dog, I mean

      • Dr.Mitchum

        Unfortunately for her, the grammar is wrong, it is either Teufelshund or Teufelshündin- both sounds superweird in German), better is Höllenhund (hell hound), which is something you might actually say

  • bigjohn

    #31 There's my favorite girl! Thanks!

  • joe


    Wow all three of you are gorgeous!

  • I Eats Bacon

    #10 Can… Can I choose all three?!

  • da goober

    #10 ur fam is beautiful…most of u & ur sis

  • Adam

    #8 for the win.

  • da goober

    #10 I meant MOAR of u and ur sis!
    dam auto correct! lol

  • erikhart

    #14 THAT ASS!!

  • Dan

    #49 i would love to know the backstory on this

  • kimoho

    Moar #10, & #19

  • Jonar777

    #10 it's like the perfect genetic blueprint for the human race

  • nanard

    #50 you're smoking hot mademoiselle, perfect belly

    #25 I'm feeling ill, can we urgently schedule a medical appointement ?

  • Sword9mm

    If you press esc, you can pause #12

  • alex

    that is one lucky sailor, making me one unlucky sailor… wtf

  • WarSox

    MOAR #25

  • Ronski

    #19 is Beautiful!! Good Luck!! KCCO

  • 0235

    #31 portal socks? they look like Chell's shoes!

  • DrMaTu

    #44 protect youreself xD !

  • opeysdaddy

    #50 WOW! saved the best for last.

  • Edwordrules

    #35 THOSE EYES!!

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