• Swiss Chiver


    • TheDoctor

      I demand to see a front view. The side view is a magician's trick.

  • https://www.facebook.com/braleyoutdoors Kyle Braley


  • CD19

    C'mon Man !

  • fucked

    How did you do that? Ozarka water is gross,

    • Jay

      clear piss water

  • This guy

    I wish he was hot and female and that wasn't a water bottle

  • TylerDerpen

    Fake, only sasha grey can swallow that much liquid at once.

    • Max

      You're making so much sense right now.

  • Ishbar

    Not something you want to be known for…

  • Gah

    no gag reflex apparently!

  • nick

    Fox's son from the Man Show?

  • Open minded

    Now let's see if he can do that with beer.

  • Nate Dizzle

    How did the professor not hear that crunch? That would be like trying to open a bag of Funyuns in class!

  • Toe_Shot

    I want him on my team when I go to Beerfest!

  • its me

    water suckin dude. Yea

  • kenny

    i dunno man.

  • CallMeMaybe

    Bet he's real popular with the fella's.

  • Deric

    How has nobody pointed out how lame and fake this video is…come on Chive…

    • Jasp

      This video is lame. And fake.

      • Cesar B.

        I know the kid. It's not fake. Get your facts together before making that kind of accusation.

        • Mike

          Yea you tell that son of a bitch deric!

  • Shepard Wong

    I call bullshit!

  • Honey boo boo

    Like a boss


    GO PATS!!!

  • kellykels

    Soo fake!

  • andy

    wow…its on the internet…It must be TRUE..

  • Ben

    I think this guy is better at slight of hand than consuming water.

  • BiGbOi

    Does he have a sister?

  • Woody

    So…….got a sister???…..

  • psychoace

    It's impossible for water to come out the bottle that fast unless you cut off the top. It's pretty easy to see that he switched bottles when it went off screen. All he is doing is crushing an empty thin plastic bottle.

    • ewp


    • Anon

      You can see the water in it still.

    • taa

      Yup water is in it still, dont know how they got the water to come out that fast.

    • lifes19

      I think the video is fake, and that they did a switch, but its definitely possible for water to come out of the bottle that fast. go try it.

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