First gaps of the new year (47 Photos)

  • Drew


  • ben

    #1 #4 #6 #7 #8 you are all perfection! especially number 8! thanks!

  • gizzy

    #19 as hott as bo Jackson was in sports!

  • D-Lish

    Number 20. Please start Cameltoe Tuesday

    • Ted


  • zgl

    yeah, im gonna need moar of #25

  • salmon

    #20 sweet jesus

  • paul d

    #12 #16 #19 Amazing !

  • Stuffy

    #22 FTW. Holy shit.

    • Jan

      Cool hair and hipster glasses

  • IowaFirefighter

    #39 God bless 'Merica

  • ckret

    #12 #15 #39
    Wow, yes please.

  • Guest

    #46 wtf is up with her legs ?

  • Wil service

    #9 OMG I finally found a chivette in Asheville I'm in the same city.. Way to represent…hope to hear and see more of you soon

  • Ono

    Women that send in pictures like this are not women . They are still young in their ways . Everything that glitters is not gold.

    • No gaps here

      Totally agree, only women with low self-respect and self-esteem would care to send in pictures like this, only to be oggled at by random strangers who say perverse things. Also, most of these women's thighs actually touch together, they're just bent over so far that anyone would have a gap.

  • Wil service

    #39 that cannot be of the earth? Can it?

  • Guest

    These dumb broads still send in pictures even though perverts comment on their pictures saying what they want to do to them. Thats just disgusting. Chive community seems like a community of perverts and sluts.

  • wasinnc

    #12 omg I finally see a chivette from Asheville….way to represent!! Hope to see more or hear from you in the near future….MOAR

  • CanadianPiper

    #26 Very sexy

  • m00segravy

    #9 Great to see an Asheville Chivette! MOAR!

  • wasinnc

    #9 I finally see a chivette from Asheville way to represent..hope to see more or hear more from you in the near future:)

  • Ryan

    #46 do you work out those legs at all?

  • Jensen

    #9 why are you commenting on your own pic under different names ?

  • James C

    Let's see some MOAR from #10

  • Kirin

    Stop say FTW and f'ing annoying as hell. Just like these white girls that send in pics

    • Sauers

      It is part of Chiver lingo sir…..

  • freezer boy

    #1,#4,#6,#12,#19,#30. I got something for your gaps!

  • TheYesMan25

    #8 hey! where do you think you are going? get back here!

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