• god

    More staged than the Chive videos featuring Mac

    • Dbag

      She definitely looked okay with it, and she talked about practicing, so I'd agree. Also, fuck Mac. Hate that guy.

  • Ike

    At least she's got a better arm than Joe Webb…

  • Andrew

    That guy's still a better quarterback than mark sanchez

  • falacer

    Staged imo

  • Pfizzle

    Someone can't get past being on the high school football team.

    *Don't be that guy

  • Beardo

    It seemed fake. Like it was a planned news stunt for publicity, cuz the lady was alright.

  • matt

    Looks fake. Guy threw up a arm last second.

  • Ann

    The best part was watching it live

  • mmmm

    Lee Valsvik is one tough chick!

  • Mookeystinks

    What? What worked in practice? What was supposed to happen?

  • Murph

    If this proves anything, it's that Jared Allen's run defense is shit! Go Packers!

  • Canucks_Rule

    terry tate, office linebacker!!

  • cybberia

    That's the Minnesota fans for ya.

  • Greg

    Yards after contact is really what separates great running backs from the rest.

  • rgfratelli

    "I'M OKAYY!!!"

  • K-1

    that poor lady

  • http://3PleasantGentlemen.com 3PleasantGentlemen

    Whatever. I had that guy for fantasy. GOOD JOB, RICK!!

  • SoabStiven

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  • Matt

    Tougher than the real jared Allen.



  • Rubberbandman

    looks like he did it on purpose. From side view, looks like he evn threw an elbow

  • Anon

    Those poor dishes!!!

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