Now that’s a good point right there (33 Photos)

  • Curthulk!

    First! Really?! Sweeeeeet! Chive rocks!

    • fucked

      congratulations you've reached the apex of your life

    • Bmoney

      I lose faith in humanity every time a chiver wastes the first comment on a destroyingly, unwitty statement of garbage.. and yes i just made up 2 words to make a point I think we all can understand..

      • ...

        Ill give you destroyingly but I'm pretty sure unwitty is a word even if your iPhone disagrees and try's to change it. And if its not you most certainly didn't make it up. Although I do agree with your point

      • Curthulk!

        Relax fellas, just having some fun…Shame if that makes you lose faith in humanity! Lot worse out there!

    • Smitty

      And you squander it with fail. Good Job.

      Many of us have followed the Chive since day one and few have been rarely been blessed with the first page of comments… You make it to the first and wasted it.

  • echogeo

    Truer words have never been spoken.

    • videologic

      Chuck norris jokes, how refreshing…

      • Barrens chat

        Jesus can walk on water, but Chuck Norris can swim through land.

    • Ben

      #33 is a solid contender for an upset..

    • Ok Then

      Am I the only one around here who thinks Jason Statham can kick Chuck Norris' ass???

  • Tyler

    #20 trying to stay awake in class

  • KillerCroc

    #33 yes. yes you do

    • Giblets

      Great tits, yes

      Olivia Wilde, no.

      Olivia Wilde has no tits, unfortunately.

      • Danno

        I defer to #10

    • truth

      not bad for having once been a man. look it up.

    • Smitty

      I got to 33 and forget everything I saw and read in this entire DAR post. had to go back and look at it again.

    • Brettles

      hi im olivia wilde…. and welcome to gq


    #22 I'm still going to buy weapons so that i may protect those who cannot protect themselves, even if it is a group as small as my own family.

    • savagecabbage

      America, FUCK YEAH!!

    • Joel

      The quote is being used out of context. Eisenhower was speaking on a global level, specifically about the Cold War. He wasn't talking about an individual buying a gun for hunting or self defense. He was referring to the billions of dollars spent by nations that could be used for better causes.

      • HobokenGuy

        It's not being used out of context. Anyone who actually reads the quote and knows some history knows what he's talking about.

        • JESSE

          If you follow alec's consistent line of intent, its not difficult to accurately intuit his point in posting this image. My comment is an answer to the poster's regressive ideology.

          • Smitty


            lol, j/k

    • working_donkey

      well stated, JESSE

    • easy

      Totally missed the point on this one. Not everyone is out to take your guns

      • @oplock

        Unless you are a senator from Cali

    • Jrmtiger

      Cool story, brah.

    • G. de La Hoya

      Out of context but being used as propaganda. Real cool Chive.

  • echogeo

    Gifs prove that.

    • Taco_Depot

      see #33

  • fucked

    #20 what the fuck are you

    • ratedgg13


      • fucked

        I really thought it was a Goron from Death Mountain in "Zelda: The Ocarina of Time"

  • yup

    #33 yes you do

  • Bmoney

    I check theChive 2-3 times a day.. So… on average, I check theChive 2-3 times a day.

    • E=MChammered

      actually if you do the math on average you check the chive 2.5 times a day

      • Bmoney

        no sir, that would depend on how many 3-a-day and 2-a-day visits divided by the amount of days i've checked chive. (A(2x) + B(3x)) / D = i<3 or i>2

        • Bmoney

          haha… now i know how to make a <3.

          • BTK

            Would it happen to be the universally know three less than? Like <3?

            • Btk


  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #33 I would have to agree

  • The Duck

    #33 This is why I love The Chive & women.

  • jmonster

    #33, Olivia, your left tit is more bouncy but I adore them both!

    • Andrew Horn

      I disagree, I think the right one has more spring in its step.

      • Wonton

        You guys are referring to the same titty. Jmonster referenced HER left which to us, is the one on the right.

    • grumpy

      You know what's awesome? Right now, at this very moment, there are three consecutive comments from fellow Chivers that all reference this gif. Which means that on my screen, I have this image, three times in a row, fondling themselves in perfect synchronicity. Sometimes you just win that way.

  • Hhh

    #22 i like this

  • PDiddily420

    Damn, Those seem larger than I remember.


  • shane

    #16 so true and yet you still hear those words comming out of peoples mouth, makes you wounder!!!!

  • RooFeeOOO

    #16 Louis is funny as hell but then he comes up with stuff like this and makes me like him that much more.

    • Peerless17

      titty sprinkles

    • Andy


  • Underbaker

    #29 And for those of us who worked through the holidays it took forever without our beloved Chive.

    • speedjive

      Not Shakespeare ! Doesn't read anything like him.

      It's by Henry van Dyke (1904) – just 300 years later

      Time is
      Too Slow for those who Wait,
      Too Swift for those who Fear,
      Too Long for those who Grieve,
      Too Short for those who Rejoice;
      But for those who Love,
      Time is not

  • Jason

    #33 Just stared at this for an hour

  • OneClownShoe

    #33 YES!

  • Taylor Paints
  • Pedro

    #27 you're still an actor so either way i don't give a shit about what you endorse or not. Dance monkey dance.

    • paul

      Thank you


    HAHA All is GOOD!

  • Ponderous

    I feel so enlightened and motivated to sit on my computer the rest of the day rather than do work.

  • chase

    #1 is brilliant. By that logic, a BJ is basically anal.

    • FacePalm

      There's a possibility that you might not understand basic anatomy.

      • correct

        yup that made no sense i'm still scratching my head on that one

      • whatever

        There's a possibility you're a bit thick.

      • DeepestBlue2

        There's also a possibility that you don't understand basic anatomy either…

  • Mayor McCheese


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