Putting a log to some good use (20 Photos)

  • Timbo_Slice


    • Timbo_Slice

      Obviously you homos have never picked up a power tool in your entire life. You're probably French, queers.

    • trl87

      More like hipster bullshit.

  • Crazy Clees

    Seems like a lot of work for something that already comes with a six pack

    • SlateStone

      makes a good white elephant gift… some poor sap gets stuck with it, but doesn't wanna say it sucks cuz you made it with your own hands… looser…

      • Perkins Maxwell

        nah perfect gift for a cabin in the woods. I've got a place in the Adirondacks, and that would be perfect there.

        • wsvjkl

          "I've got a place in the Adirondacks" ooooo look at me. "I have a cabin" would do just fine

          • c-dub

            And his name is "Perkins Maxwell."

      • MylesofStyles

        … tighter…

    • danhimself

      it'd be good for those build your own six pack stores

    • hops

      Not if you homebrew

    • truth

      Hipsters would probably buy several of them. Retarded.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    A lot of work, but once it's sanded & stained you'll have something cool when you arrive at the party.
    Good beer selection too.

    • Okay

      Nice edit

  • FancyFeathers

    Seems like it would be a bit heavier than your average 6 pack… Buuut you did do it before it was cool….

  • ViktorC

    And it only took 19 different tools and bits, and 170 hours.

  • M00seKnucklez

    Waste of time.

  • Andy

    Waste of time and ill executed. Looks shit.

  • adg

    could have a better look.

  • Brian

    its called being a man, put your vagina away and toss up a six pack!

    • C-spot

      In the time spent you could have killed off about seven or eight cases! I'm an agreement with pretty much everyone here, it's pretty tacky looking.

  • GomerPyle

    Reinvent the drink carrier?

  • JTW

    That's what I think of when I think of putting a log to good use.

  • KUJhawklaw

    That's a lot of work. You know they'll typically give you a free cardboard version of those when you buy 6 of the same kind of beer at once?

    • I Eats Bacon

      I know of stores where you can buy six DIFFERENT kinds of beer and they'll still give you a free cardboard one.

    • RCJH

      Jensen on 9th st has plenty of them…

      • Joe

        Ok no one knows where the fuck you are

        • RCJH

          Inside joke, dipshit.

          • BTK

            Who else is involved in this joke? Tell me all about it you've got me excited now.

  • tonytwotone

    I saw this going a different direction or at least ending up being more than something from a southern living for alcoholics.. fail.

  • CWMuse

    Seriously? Who is the hell decides it would be a good idea to make a 6 pack holder out of a block of wood. I am all for coming up with innovative ideas, but I am a ashamed that I took the time to view this, much less comment on it.

    • N8orius

      Q: Who is the hell decides it would be a good idea to make a 6 pack holder out of a block of wood?
      A: Hipsters

  • Fugg

    Thank god for price is right this hour

    • Drew

      $1.00! Dahhhh

  • http://badsentinel.com badSENTINEL

    #20 end result.. kinda crafty…

    • Jokes_Explained

      This is funny because it's craft beer.

  • goglass

    i thought it was gonna be a wooden engine,which got me excited,but as the photos rolled on it dawn on me it would a useless beer holder

  • tv_paul

    #20 Perfect for lager beer.

    • Derek

      I think its cool. At least they are not laying on the couch.

    • Hrdwood

      How much beer would a WoodChuck chug, if …

      The answer: 6

  • Stupid

    Now build a bridge and jump off of it

  • John
  • lasagna

    Give the guy a break, this was obviously his first attempt at wood working.

  • Joe Swanson

    This is stupid I wanna talk about vaginas!

    • Yuppp

      What's the point? You have no feeling in your lower body.

  • zzzz

    Bob are you letting Alec post under your name again? "Cause this is the lame shit he usually posts….

  • John

    ok? so what are you going to drink?

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    Kinda cool and lame at the same time. Dude, you clearly have some skills. Make a chair or something else more useful (and/or better-looking) than this.

    • Job

      I see no skill

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