Chelsie Farah is using the Twitter Machine properly (21 Photos)

Chelsie Farah is a long-time Chivette and her Twitter Machine speaks for itself; it appears she doesn't like clothing all that much.

Chelsie has a great sense of humor as well. Say hello and she'll say hi back.

Chelsie's Twitter Machine.

Chelsie’s Twitter Machine.

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  • DannoTheManno88
    • bUSTERA


    • waltgator

      haha pretty much!

  • Tyler Rauch

    #11 love that pic chels!! TJRAUCH

  • Quick Rick

    It must be me but she ain't as hot as she thinks she is. I mean she's clearly not ugly but not that hot. Body is a 10, face is an 8, and cause she takes the time to post those I will give personality a 5.

  • Conan

    You would think by now she would learn to look into the mirror and not the phone. Attention whore.

  • nonsmoker

    too bad she smokes 😦

  • jugger-nuggss

    Obsessed with Mila Kunis much?

  • Bruce

    she has crazy written all over her!

  • Haha fuq u

    She's OK…like a solid 6….Her BUTTER face requires work.

  • Chiver_Sammy

    #4 #19 & #18 are my favorites…glad we were able to see MOAR…

  • Joshua

    #21 She is such a sexy hot Chivette. My day is shot

  • Jeff

    #28, In case no one has told you, beautiful Chelsie, towels are overrated!

  • Jeff

    #21, In case no one has told you, beautiful Chelsie, towels are overrated!

  • SoabStiven

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  • tooltimeted

    born in 1990. Feel old.

  • Sicko

    Her ass is perfect! Please sit on my face.

  • Seattle

    Gemme dam titties boooyyyyyaaa

  • hotchivette

    first of all, noone finds it slightly creepy that this chick has cut out pictures of Mila kunis face? If she wasn't half naked ya'll would be weirded she is trying way too hard, this brasen, trashy self indulgence is unattractive. lets find a natural down to earth beauty next time..oh and nice push up bra skank

    • SnakemanDan85

      Jealous much!!

    • Awilks

      Wow thats angry, I bet she really likes her push up bra.. I think its time for you to keep calm and Chirve ON seriously

      • Awilks

        My bad Chive ON

  • Brandon

    When did we get all of these "holier than thou" assholes on here? Wtf? If you enjoy the pictures (as you should) awesome! If not, keep your mouth shut and go back to the Caturday pics or something. I've followed Chelsie on Twitter since first time she was featured on the Chive. I've never met her in person, but she seems pretty cool.

    • Lolz

      I bet you're a fat ugly Internet stalking creep, lol.

  • waltgator

    #4 thought she was pantie less for a sec.. sigh 😦

  • @BOlekas

    Wow… lots of negative people hiding behind anonymous user handles. Imagine that…

  • Hans

    #18 creepy mural …crazy……..

  • Yikes

    Does every girl get a set a boobs these days bought by their daddies ?

  • justin

    so damn sexy:)

  • Gaines

    Geez I hope there are still women in this world that don't post half naked pictures of themselves on chive or the Internet in general . This is seriously really sad the amount of attention whores there are these days. All you guys think they are the most amazing ever for posting Half naked pictures of themselves but beware these are the jealous and crazy girls with low self esteem

    • Rupert Pupkin

      Then WHY THE EFF are you on the CHIVE?! All the possible internet sites you can visit yet you choose to go to one that has nothing to offer you? GTFOH

  • Concerned

    I don't know if you all noticed, but this poor girl obviously has a severe case of scoliosis. She can't even come close to standing up straight. I really think someone should talk to her and get her help.

    • yourmom

      she's a whore. enough said.

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