Fifty Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ sounds surprisingly good on a banjo (Video)

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Performed by Ewan Wardrop, made by Salida Productions

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  • WannaBeNAVYbutMechE

    I just laughed the whole way through.
    Pretty sure this is an improvement anyway.

  • Connor Richards

    Lost it at the first *bleep*. That was brilliant.

  • Chris Slaughter

    How about "Call Me Maybe" on a banjo?

  • explorataur

    lol canadians are so wierd

  • bud

    thats a ukulele

  • Captain

    not a banjo lol

  • beep

    ya know it would probably take less effort to cut the audio at the curse words rather than the annoying beep

  • Dyquen

    Europeans are awesome. Sounds Irish or Welch I can't tell yet.

    • Churchill1966

      Welch? It's welsh, as in "from w"Wales". And no, he's definitely English

  • William Ragan III

    Yes, it's a banjolele. Not half as obnoxious sounding as a banjolin.

  • Murray

    Definitely English and is impersonating a guy called George Formby, whose most well known song would probably be this one;

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