• saltygary

    Fucking showoff.

    • Cody

      You are indeed quite the salty fellow.

      • saltygary

        cmon better than firsties, right?

  • saltygary

    The asshole is probably blind too.

  • Jouhker

    I was waiting for him to shake it like a polaroid picture!

  • mazurati

    is this video from the 80's?

  • Jay

    Very talented, but there are many other artists who also play with this style. i.e. Eric Mongrain

    • TwistedFister

      You're a tool.

  • Sam Adams

    This is exactly like the movie "August Rush"

    • John Adams

      Or the movie "August Rush" is exactly like this

      • Kevin

        We heard yo this first time

        • Kevin


      • Juju Bee

        Yo, I think the music in the movie "August Rush" is exactly like this!

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    first thing that came to mind

    • mazurati


  • http://badsentinel.com badSENTINEL

    this is made of awesome sauce

  • nope

    good for him. but to clarify, this method of playing guitar is not as difficult as playing normally. the guitar is tuned so that all you need to do is lay your finger across the fret board to produce a chord. the only thing he's doing is making it look cool by hitting some harmonics. i'm not hating, its great to see a young kid be able to play this well, but there are many more prodigies out there that would blow this kid away.

    • savedmesometime

      exactly. try listening to that style of guitar playing without watching it… still impressed?

    • I'm-with-Nope

      You are absolutely correct. I was going to point out the same thing.

    • tdr

      And your talent in high school was … let me guess … armpit farts?

      • mike clamchouder

        agreed, nope…. I play a lot of guitar myself and even wrote a song in this style, check it out here

        Difference being with mine, it doesnt look as flashy as this guys, but i actually try and create SOME sort of melody in the song. not overly a fan of this guys tune, or this style in general anymore….its all flash and showing off how you can play on your lap, easy tune to impress the ladies, but boring to a real musician unless you can really destroy a song.


    • Swindle

      Justin king and khaki king to name two of them. Open "C" tuning does wonders. I totally agree

      • LeO

        My favorite would be Led Zeppelin's Bron-Yr-Aur. Open "C" tuning as a masterpiece.. Just my opinion

  • sfb101

    Reminds me of Jeff Healey, He was awesome.

    • I'm-with-Nope

      This guy is nothing like Jeff Healey, other than having the guitar sitting in his lap. Jeff Healey was great. This kid is just playing an open chord and hitting a few harmonics. Really not a big deal. Jeff Healey played the hell out of the guitar.

  • DannoTheManno88

    This kid is awesome! And SoabStiven can eat a dick for advertising on this post.

  • Justin

    Sounds like Rob Kilgore.

  • brent

    if you like this, check out andy mckee on youtube. you're welcome

  • bunedoggle

    I guess sucking dick is lucrative.

  • jOb

    Like a young Stanley Jordan!………… bravo!!!

    • I'm-with-Nope

      NOT at all like Stanley Jordan. This is barely the tip of the Stanley Jordan iceberg.

  • David P

    I side with nope.
    Open chords……hmmmm. Grab a pick and get to playing

    • I'm-with-Nope

      Amen, David P. I totally agree. Playing a slight variation on an open chord and slapping a few harmonics aren't really that impressive.

      I also get annoyed with how crowds go crazy over guitar stuff that really isn't that great. Crowds can be so ignorant.

      • Captain asshole

        Almost as ignorant as some chivers.

      • David P

        Yup. Or maybe naive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.michaelw Stephen Michael W

    If you like a different style of playing you should check our rodrigo y gabriela…she's destroys the guitar.

    • Cyberfunker

      They are amazing!


    GO PATS!!!

  • breathe deeply

    Seriously, why do people scream at this kind of thing? Scream while listening to music you supposedly like? GREAT JOB ASSHOLE.

  • RMutt

    Sounds decent but as other people have said he is basically playing an open tuning and his sense of timing isn't that great…

  • Matt

    Wow awesome talent, all i could think about was that movie august rush. great movie even though robin williams played a freaky character

  • cas

    push the boundaries. people like this are the reason music/art expand.

  • jimmyfsd

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  • screwutoo

    A Black person on the chive and their not being made fun of. Minus the asshole peanut gallery knows as comments.

    • Frank


  • illkaze

    what, that was sick! puts my guitar skills to shame!

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