• Haterade

    i hate to say this, but pay attention closely to his lips and throat…it's fake


    GO PATS!!!

  • Haterade

    someone off camera is singing

  • do what???

    Say what now? Am I in the twilight zone?

  • Austin

    The fact that this ginger has soul is impossible because gingers do not have souls!

  • explorataur

    didn't know they could show up on film.

  • art


  • thedestroyer

    The real people who made this video are sickened that someone reposted it as theirs and added this title

    • thousauge

      you realize that the person who reposted's name is Mac and he works for the chive, just saying

  • Andreas

    Search the name on youtube and you get a few more covers. Really good ones too.

  • David P

    Lol I remember when I got my first guitar.

  • Scuba_Steve33

    Silly Mac. Gingers don't have souls. He's got some freakin' talent though!

  • Faust

    Great lip syncing job.

  • screwutoo

    not a cover, an imitation.

  • Someguy

    GREAT! The kid's got talent.

  • illkaze

    pretty damn good, he's got some style and soul, even though i was always told redheads didn't have a soul, who knew, right?

  • Demke

    Bad…..Ass !!!!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    shit, that was pretty good.

  • Lamont Landers

    This is Lamont Landers (the person in the video) I just wanted to thank the chive for the post and the great article, your a wonderful community and thanks for the support.

    • Lamont Landers


  • Kenny

    This cat can lay it down. American Idol contestant?

  • http://twitter.com/iGeorge_S @iGeorge_S

    Ginger Bieber.

  • http://reamers.org/clowns.htm Handjob Murphy


    He's listed as "Jordan Landers".

    You're welcome.

  • KentB

    here is more of him on his youtube

  • melD


  • amigoville

    why the need to point out he's ginger chive camaaaan

  • justinmi720

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