The Baja 1000 excites me but Mexico’s Mastretta MXT-R…not so much (27 Photos)

  • Dohome

    Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk !

  • Chuck Schick

    I kinda like it. Not too futuristic, not too many vents, sharp edges, corners, carbon fiber… like some "super cars" these days.

    • Bob

      i see a completely different car than you

  • Patrick


  • Adam

    Tail lights from a lotus, front end from cadillac, bubble top from the beetle me no likey

  • Ole

    Ahhh, Mexico, that's adorable. Stick with foods in tortillas, cartels, gut-wrenching diarrhea, and please, please make more of #26

  • Bob

    an "A" for effort, but a big 'ol "D minus" in the went-way-too-far department

  • Daris

    After 40 years of dormancy, Ricardo’s penis found its way back to the party.

    • Opinionateit

      Is this a game, trying to find the dude with the glasses.

  • waltgator

    #12 i love tecate!

  • Mike

    This is the car that Top Gear was making fun of…and subsequently got in trouble with the Mexican ambassador.

  • Dylan

    its basically a lotus elise, and it came out in like 2010. this is nothing new. Also, that looks like ebay turbo kit, jesus that is one ugly engine bay.

  • Omar

    Yo solo pienso que ustedes valen pito y si no saben leer español pues que pendejos (google translate doesn´t count)

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