The girl behind these amazing abs (10 HQ Photos)

You all recognize the lead photo up there. It has torched the internet recently. The photos were taken by Alexander Tikhomirov, one of the best photographers around.

  • Steven Sampaga

    #11 ❤

    • peebs
      • Tex Ass

        clearly no one has watch this video our you would have 1 million thumbs up!

      • AnItalianChiver

        Yes.. Take my thumb up 🙂

      • pbb005

        the Pause button is your friend in this video

      • BOOM!

        Annnndddddd SPLASH!!!!

      • Chivacy Please

        This video is off the charts… .

    • GIJOE

      I think I seen a rusty sheriff's badge.

    • Tyler Durden

      Yeah, great, you showed us more pics. You still haven't told us WHO THE FUCK SHE IS! GIVE US A NAME!!!

  • #1paulafan

    I miss you Paula!

    • Poop Stain

      I just took a fat shit. But I don't get paid for it.

    • Paula_

      Me too…. So much work, so little time to Chive… I miss my minions… 😦

      Good thing I still have some chained up in the basements basement.

      – Fan testimonial: "Paula, theChive really wouldn't seem the same without you."

      • GeorgiaRosa

        *types with feet* ..I'm not one to complain, but the chains are a bit tight..

        • Paula_

          You so funny… I'll abuse you last <3<3<3

          – Fan testimonial: "Paula, I'm going to vote you down on this one, because I know that's what you're after. As long as we have an understanding that I think this is completely hilarious."

  • Dan

    I think she needs a steak dinner actually.

    • Alex

      I second that

      • Mother Pus Bucket


        • wantomas

          Whatever. I'll sit on that grenade any time.

        • TheVanityScore

          everybody has their own thing. some people like more cushion for the pushin, and others like to hear bones breakin. nothing wrong with either one. and i know that may come off sarcastic but its not.

    • Child Please

      Might as well make that a regimen of southern cookin. It's no fun racing through life without curves

      • OilMan

        You're right she has no curves as you can tell by her flat chest and flat ass…
        I don't understand why so many chivers don't like fit girls like this one.

        • Edwin

          She isn't fit, she is thin. Look how boney she is, she has no muscle tone either. Bring me a girl with curves.

          • acupofjoe

            I'm just going to say I got love for all sorts of girls but you all hell of retarded for thinking she's not hot.

            • Alex

              Not saying she's not hot, just saying I would appreciate a bit more meat on the bones.

              • SteelDirigible

                I can sure appreciate a good bone

    • hello please

      Belly button is too big. 2/10 would not bang.

      • SnakemanDan85

        Cause your gay fag!

        • Mike


        • white guy #2

          Becuase you're gay, Fag. *

          • MigraineBoy


      • TheBAMFinater

        Studman 69? Is that you?

        • Dastardly_Dan

          +1 Internetz, good sir, beacuase I get it.

      • teslawasrobbed

        I think you're confusing belly button with vagina.

      • halfsmoke00

        Her belly button is messed up b/c blond men are dumb to.

        • Brian


    • Ryan

      That's why most girl nowadays think this is the look they should have because they praise stuff like this . She doesn't have abs btw

    • Psssst

      She has a pretty face but she looks weak and hungry. Where are these so called abs again??

    • Tony

      more like 10 steak dinners

    • CTM

      Me like squishy, not boney.

      • yup

        you're a chubby chaser then

        • GlibTongue

          This girl has a similar body type to a starving ethiopian. Glad you find that attractive.

          She only 'looks' like she has abs because she has very little body fat.

        • Truth Hurts

          you puppies will learn to handle curves when you too fill out; until then, spare us the advice.

    • Bigus Dickus

      Looks like David Lee Roth with boobies. And yeah…too thin

    • chivester

      still wouldn't mind giving her a beef injection along with that steak

    • louistulley

      The fact is everyone has their own attractions to certain kind of women. The idea of "too skinny" probably exists for everyone, but it isn't going to be the same. Personally, when I see ribs protruding, as I do on her, I call it too skinny. Others find that sexy. No one is wrong, it is just our personally preferences and shouldn't be looked down upon either way.

    • boob_cuddler

      More like a double cheeseburger, large fry and large coke. I would pass if I saw this girl. I'd be too scared to wreck her.

      • Truth

        like you'd ever have a chance with a chick half that hot…. please

        • GlibTongue

          Yeah, says the guy who's like 'She's so hot'. You think the guys who just ogle women and drool are the ones who get them?

          Like it or not senor, the guy who was an asshole and ignored her or told her to go eat a steak has a better chance with her than you, after all the old adage that women like assholes is for the most part true.

    • Licky

      I thought the same thing
      Nice lookin rack but a little to malnourished

    • thedude325

      She looks like she's on meth. Not in a jokingly way either.

    • Ike

      Tube Steak?

      • Wymann

        The carebare?

    • Feedthisbitch

      Dude ain't that the truth

    • Boost

      Man, I'm glad I'm not the only one! She looks like I'd chip a tooth if I went down on her

    • Scott Arel

      And a couple of cheese burgers to boot. say abs but i don't see any

  • zenkthetank

    This girl is so hot… cue the assholes telling her to eat a sandwich

    • Cartman

      It's not eat a sandwich you tool…. It's "Your hot, Now make me a sandwich"

      • MrB


    • Tony

      She looks like a dancing skeleton

    • The Truth

      Yup. Guys here seem to like the giant watermelon hanging tits and huge shopped asses. No taste. The girl above is amazing.

      • zenkthetank

        sorry cartman… I can think of a few things I would rather have from this girl other than a sandwich

      • This is True

        That is the most awesome thing I've read in a long time!!! You should post this idea more often…..A perfect example to your statement is """"""Mondays (1/7/2013) FLBP post #48""""""…..Thank you Truth!? I was beginning to think I was the only one.

      • kekermahoney

        she sure got a pretty mouth

    • Bob

      Chive is full of chubby chasers

      • This is True

        Thank you for saying that 🙂 It needed to be said,……and probably needs to be said more often….""""""Mondays (1/7/2013) FLBP post #48"""""" is a perfect example of this epidemic =/

    • gogo

      I guess I'm an asshole then. Some people are naturally thin though, so you could argue that point. Too skinny for me, I like curves.

  • salmon

    wow she is thin!

    • fact

      and you're gay

  • jmonster

    This could be the hottest creature I've ever seen. #10 is incredible. What a smoke-show.

  • TheYesMan25

    #7 stunning.

  • DrakeFriedman

    #11 #8 #7
    This woman is a Perfect 10!

    • hmm

      #8 quack

    • HarryBallzonya

      Closer to 15……… we are talking about her age right?

    • bro

      to all chivettes, this girl is NOT perfect. she is probably suffering from an eating disorder (very common in our culture since bad eating habits are supported and encouraged through popular media, or THIS picture) such as bulimia or anorexia, and subsequently amennorhea- and in some cases eventually death. Please stay healthy and beautiful, take some of my fellow chivers compliments with a HUGE grain of salt!

  • Jeff

    Indeed the abs are amazing but I'd like to play around on the bikini bridge because the gap #11 looks fantastic!

  • nanard

    Does she have a left eye ?

    • MattyDeuce

      I think Lisa Lopes would be her left eye of choice, but I could be wrong.


      Im almost scared to see the left side of her face now… What is she hiding??

    • adam

      probably walked into an airplane propeller

  • Matt


  • Sarah


  • Matt
    • Josh

      You, my good friend, have made my day.

    • jmonster

      FAP FAP FAP… I love Russia

    • yoyo

      Bravo Sir.. Bravo!

    • ass lover

      a little skinny but still fucking hott. damn i wanna lick her asshole and ram it up her ass deep

      • Jen

        whoa, buddy!

        • TheVanityScore

          wtf lol this dude thinks hes talking on a porn site or something

      • brb google

        lol'd but ya need a cold shower, man

  • pa'ver

    A little too thin for me, probably break her in half. But I'd still motorboat those.

  • habsfanx

    #6 …. Glad the world did not end !!! We get see more of these lol KCCO

  • Stan

    I'm on the fence with this one. While this girl is pretty freakin hot, she is too thin. I like my women small, but goddamn she is bones.

    I'd still hit it… every day.

  • mcnuts

    She's totally high.

    • hansolo505

      Oh yeah, ripped out of her mind

  • DoggyStyle

    #8 Going to have to just forgive the duck face

    • Scuba_Steve33

      I had to go back and double check. Didn't realize she had a face until you mentioned it!

    • biggles

      Do you know how I know your gay…….


    #7 Enough Said.

  • SOhioChiver

    See the video here:
    Highly recommended!

    • Kevrhutch


    • BillBeer

      See all his work (NSFW)

      • Pat_Bateman1

        thanks but, i feel like ive been wacking at an unsustainable rate.

    • canadianchiver

      my god thank you for that! wow.

    • 5.0


    • Frank

      wait…you mean the chive doesn't get original content? someone else already did it and they just fapped to it then re-posted it???????


    GO PATS!!!

    • Cheese

      You spelled "Pack" wrong.

      • GO PATS

        My NFC team is already out.(skins)
        Pack will most likely go to the Super Bowl though…just to lose to THE PATS!!

    • Rusty_Dreams

      Go Texans!!!!!!!

  • IrishInNJ

    Eat a burger.

    • wow

      you're so witty and original it hurts

  • Eric Tewald

    Somebody buy that chick a $5 footlong already. I'd break her.

    • Anonymous

      don't sit on her then

    • Frank

      maybe your fat ass should buy a few $5 foot longs because we all know your tiny pecker wouldn't break her.

  • mj0

    there are way better and more NSFW images of her and a few other smokeshows on Alexander Tikhomirov's tumblr

    • fact


      • Maverick

        You have heard of the Google,right?

        If you actually took .00003 seconds to google "Alexander Tikhomirov's tumblr" you would have had your answer.

        Oh the humanity.

      • CWMuse
    • Trabeck

      Yes. Yes indeed. Sean Connery voice

    • Jen

      i LOVE his work. so fucking hot.

  • whyme1973

    #7 Good God.

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