The girl behind these amazing abs (10 HQ Photos)

You all recognize the lead photo up there. It has torched the internet recently. The photos were taken by Alexander Tikhomirov, one of the best photographers around.

  • Burlonobservador

    Sasha Markina Aka Alexandra Markina
    Facebook "Sasha Markina"
    Twitter @MarkinaAlex
    Check it

  • Brett_J

    What abs?

  • Joe

    This is like looking at Anorexia with implants.

  • Alex

    The girl behind these amazing abs is Alexsandra/Aleksandra/Sasha Markina or Александра Маркина.

  • bill

    she needs about 15 more lbs.

  • myles

    yeah she is hot but i think she needs to eat at least 2 big macs, & a large fries

  • USMC Chiver

    This chick is smoking hot. Anyone who says she needs to eat something is crazy.

  • @dawg065

    #6 ❤ ❤ moar please

  • bigjay

    is this chick on meth?

  • LBF 4 ever

    she is hot but feed her a sammich or 2

  • matt

    Someone please get that woman a cheeseburger.

  • Justin

    I'm sorry but how is she considered sexy or hot besides the surgically enhances boobs? And the boobs are only sexy 'cause THEY'RE BOOBS!! The fact that she was born with a small bony frame doesn't necessarily make one automatically "athletic" or Nike material. When you're one who is born with the genetics of a minute BFI % then it's not really a HUGE accomplishment to tone what you have.

    I'm NOT denying the fact that she is outrageously beautiful but she is still too skinny and bony.

  • Dan

    She doesn't have amazing abs at all. She just has a lean stomach. When someone who actually has amazing (i.e. defined) abs slims down their belly you can see a six-pack of sorts as well as visible obliques.

    Plus, this girl needs to do some damn squats, this is what an butt that doesn't hit the gym looks like (in addition to her abs' lack of exercise). Just a skinny lady with breast implants.

    Girl also doesn't have a nice face, kind of neanderthal-like.

    • Dan

      Might just be the high facial expressions.

  • toxo


  • Stanky2

    You know she reads these comments so there is no need for any of us to be assholes. She's a human being, and no matter what we think of her body, respect that she is happy with it, and others are happy with it and that everyone is different in who they are and what they like.

    That said – her photographer sucks.

  • chr

    i would give everything i own to go on a diet of eating nothing but her shit

  • Glam

    she's just stunning, great abs

  • ChristophersonofGray

    I would give her the best 3 inches of my life.=/

  • ben

    Disgusting… anorexia, anybody?
    Absolutely no shape.

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  • Alice Cousins

    People who are saying she needs to eat more aren't saying it because they're a) overweight themselves or b) attracted to obese women. The fact is this girl is underweight, and there is a size between underweight and overweight – and that size is called normal i.e. healthy. You guys saying she's perfect seem to completely forget about this normal size. Okay, people are attracted to different sizes of women but just because some men aren't attracted to these very very thin women, it doesn't mean they're necessarily attracted to overweight women either. Myself, I am a woman of a healthy weight, with a perfect BMI. I used to suffer from an eating disorder a few years back, and seeing these pictures would have given me motivation and inspiration to keep starving myself and over-exercising. These photos are certainly triggers for anyone who is seriously insecure about their weight, and with all of these guys saying that it is perfect, it will make more and more women turn to extreme measures to look like this girl. Personally, I don't think it's fair because it is not a nice thing to go through. If everybody ate healthily, exercised regularly, and treated themselves now and then, there would be no issue surrounding this.

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