The girl behind these amazing abs (10 HQ Photos)

You all recognize the lead photo up there. It has torched the internet recently. The photos were taken by Alexander Tikhomirov, one of the best photographers around.

  • Steve

    those hip bones look sharper than Anderson Silva's elbows

  • Tony

    Bit too much tan and not enough meat on her bones for my tastes really, well executed shots though

  • nope

    hooray for eating disorders!

  • e pluribus unum

    like most, i'm torn between what a smoke-show and someone feed the dang girl.

    definitely seductive and if she were to bring saltines to bed, I would not kick her out.

  • superbadass

    Wow, id marry her right now

  • jjb

    I think there is an eating issue here.

  • crazydog

    This neverending drive for women to have near zero body fat is the product of the gay men driving fashion and competition between women to be the hottest. It's not healthy and I don't find it attractive.

    • Kelly

      Well said!!

    • crazydog

      Not to mention all the guys who love skeleton women almost universally are either hypocrites that haven't seen their own hip bones in a decade or are 130lbs and would fly away in a strong breeze.

  • wood

    Her socks are ugly

  • yup

    wheres the ass shot, especially in that thong!?!?!!!

    • Guest

      It's a boney ass no thanx

  • james Video of shoot.

  • Justin

    That is Sasha Markina

  • siki

    not gonna lie, i actually think she is too skinny, way to much hip bone zone

  • D_Mouse

    That shirt might be big enough for me to join her in there. I'm willing to try, at least.

  • martin

    She needs to eat a burger? Nah, i'd eat her burger! I am in love.

  • Jean

    instagramuser #markina lots of pic

  • Tbone

    Abs no rib cage yea forsure

  • Guest

    Sasha Markina. Too skinny and more duckfaces than Duck Tales.

  • Boemmel

    Awesome socks

  • MrChiTown

    Nice! Very Nice!!!

  • Ineverpost

    cue long whistle…

  • F Liepkin

    I about had a heart attack at the first underboob shot

  • cuda


  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    my brain couldn't process how fast i got a normal boner just now.

    where am i??


  • RedHotChivette

    Oh man, as a guy I'd be so scared to break her in half. But I guess she's hot and that's mostly what matters on this site so all the power to her.

  • RedHotChivette

    And the Duck Face in #8 uuuggghhhhh

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