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The girl behind these amazing abs (10 HQ Photos)

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You all recognize the lead photo up there. It has torched the internet recently. The photos were taken by Alexander Tikhomirov, one of the best photographers around.

  • Ron

    Doesn't do it for me at all. Seems too plastic.

  • THErealWAVE

    She is def sexy, cute face, nice boobs and all that but she is too thin… she's so skinny it looks like it hurts…

  • Brent

    TOO SKINNY!!!! Get that girl a cheeseburger!

  • Ace

    I may be the crazy one but there is no way she's as hot as you guys think she is.

  • Paula

    No shots of her butt?😦

  • TommyB

    Dayum you could cut through ice with those hip bones! Put on about 5#s and shoot it again.

  • Caleb

    You guys are fucking dumb, she's a babe

  • gs425

    Ummm, a skeleton with skin doesn't have abs.

  • climberguy89

    #11 Oh dear LAWD.

  • Bustanut

    She must be russian, incredible body…but needs teeth fixed in #6

  • kcco-pgh

    Really need some shots from the back🙂

  • johnmcclane

    is the other side of her face all disfigured like the phantom of the opera?

  • Macro

    Those aren't abs you silly f**kers, she's just skinny.

  • Do it do it

    Google alexandra markina. Lots nice pics of her! She perfect!

  • Your Mom

    put it in soft, let it get hard, and just wait to hear the bones crack

  • Ari214

    What's up with her cracked lips in the last picture? Is she not allowed to drink water, either?

  • Spike45

    What is her name?

  • dwc928s4

    Id lick the Dick of the Dog, that pisses on the tire, of the truck that hauls her trash off.

  • chicky

    her room looks ugly. i don't like the walls. and her belly button and bones creep me out.

  • @JustFlushIt

    Daddy couldn't keep her off the chive. You had one job daddy!

  • saladtosser

    She needs to eat! Have you ever tried fucking a boney girl like that before??? shits kinda painful… ended up with blue balls…

  • AAE

    These pictures are from this Vimeo video

  • KnowsIt

    Skinnyfat, not abs.

  • sebastian

    #7 she looks like a kid from afrika ( but with a nice breast and nice eyes)… damn girl please eat something…

    • sebastian

      I mean #9


    Skinny yes, but that her choice!
    Guys and Girls being skinny doesn't automatically mean you have abs!!
    Skinny isn't ripped!

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