The girl behind these amazing abs (10 HQ Photos)

You all recognize the lead photo up there. It has torched the internet recently. The photos were taken by Alexander Tikhomirov, one of the best photographers around.

  • Ron

    Doesn't do it for me at all. Seems too plastic.

  • THErealWAVE

    She is def sexy, cute face, nice boobs and all that but she is too thin… she's so skinny it looks like it hurts…

  • Brent

    TOO SKINNY!!!! Get that girl a cheeseburger!

  • Ace

    I may be the crazy one but there is no way she's as hot as you guys think she is.

  • Paula

    No shots of her butt? 😦

  • TommyB

    Dayum you could cut through ice with those hip bones! Put on about 5#s and shoot it again.

  • Caleb

    You guys are fucking dumb, she's a babe

  • gs425

    Ummm, a skeleton with skin doesn't have abs.

  • climberguy89

    #11 Oh dear LAWD.

  • Bustanut

    She must be russian, incredible body…but needs teeth fixed in #6

  • kcco-pgh

    Really need some shots from the back 🙂

  • johnmcclane

    is the other side of her face all disfigured like the phantom of the opera?

  • Macro

    Those aren't abs you silly f**kers, she's just skinny.

  • Do it do it

    Google alexandra markina. Lots nice pics of her! She perfect!

  • Your Mom

    put it in soft, let it get hard, and just wait to hear the bones crack

  • Ari214

    What's up with her cracked lips in the last picture? Is she not allowed to drink water, either?

  • Spike45

    What is her name?

  • dwc928s4

    Id lick the Dick of the Dog, that pisses on the tire, of the truck that hauls her trash off.

  • chicky

    her room looks ugly. i don't like the walls. and her belly button and bones creep me out.

  • @JustFlushIt

    Daddy couldn't keep her off the chive. You had one job daddy!

  • saladtosser

    She needs to eat! Have you ever tried fucking a boney girl like that before??? shits kinda painful… ended up with blue balls…

  • AAE

    These pictures are from this Vimeo video

  • KnowsIt

    Skinnyfat, not abs.

  • sebastian

    #7 she looks like a kid from afrika ( but with a nice breast and nice eyes)… damn girl please eat something…

    • sebastian

      I mean #9


    Skinny yes, but that her choice!
    Guys and Girls being skinny doesn't automatically mean you have abs!!
    Skinny isn't ripped!

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