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  • Dohome

    The stupidest waste of cool cars . #16 and #19 what's up ladies

    • yay


      what a knob, dragging a phase 3 and charger are cool. fartest 4 door sedan in the owrd in its day.
      go back to yoru shitty dukes of hazard life you suck hole smakey an the bandit lover

      • LS2_Goat

        Fastest 4 door sedan (bit redundant) goes to BMW M5 my friend
        P.S learn to spell

        • yay

          what evs

        • matt

          the charger was the fastest four door sedan in its day.. back in the 70's

      • Daniel

        I don't know why everyone says it was the fastest 4 door sedan in its day, it was the fastest Australian built 4 door sedan, but at the best they ran a 15 second quarter, in the 60's in Australia you could order yourself a chevy 4 door sedan with a big block, which would leave a GT in the dust, there are plenty of other example of cars available at the time which were quicker, that's not to say the GT wasn't a great car, but it wasn't the fastest 4 door sedan in the world, not by a long shot.

        • A2_tha_MFK

          Man give us a break! Merica has everything / gets everything! We know, we know. Give us something please?

  • Andrew

    Kylie Minogue (#7) used to be a straight FOX back in the day.

    • Andrew

      Or #5

      Whichever, really.

      • Bob

        "used to be"???
        i'd still take her home.

  • waltgator

    #14 sweet!

  • David

    The Phase 4 GTHO (only a few made) could do 151 and was classed as the fastet 4 door at the time.

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