Using a crappy old radio to protect the real one — brilliant! (10 Photos)

Who would ever take the time and risk to steal such an old piece of junk?

  • johnny 4twenty

    this man deserves a beer

    • SoabStiven

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    • Bob

      This is as good of an idea as the wooden six pack from yesterday

  • TheBAMFinater

    That is actually a good concept. I don't have a stereo worth stealing, and yes it does have a tape deck. Seriously, it is a 2006 with a tape deck. Stupid Koreans.

    • *dash*

      Hey just get one of those tape adapters and hook it up to your phone or iPod. Beats listening to the crap on the radio.

      • I don't know

        Exactly, I'd rather have a tape deck than just a CD player with no audio in port any day.

    • fire

      Lol I have an 05 z it has a 6 disc changer and a take deck.

      • fire


  • duh


    • anal leakage

      Oh shit get the fuck outta here!!

    • daveh873


    • Sparknotes

      My God did that smell good

    • GIJOE


    • @TimmyJ95

      G.I. Joooooeeeee

      • mendez

        Look at all your different colored haaatttttsss

    • Nope

      Hey, I'm a computer. Stop all the downloading….

    • SierraGolf

      I done runnin!

  • Jesse


  • whyme1973

    All I need is an AUX port and an amplifier.

    • Smitty

      Oh, you mean this:

      Right? Add a USB port to that and your good.

      • Smitty

        * you're. Shit.

        • Hara

          Hey man, you caught your own typo. Props.

    • sandy astroglide

      might want some speakers as well.

  • Daywalker

    My neighbors had their stock car stereo stolen out of their station wagon

    • IDGAF

      Cool Story Bro!

    • DoubleNickelJP

      My cats breath smells like cat food.

      • Dutch

        I bent my wookie

        • The_Dood

          Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers.

    • DannoTheManno88

      I have a tail and can fly…when I eat a leaf.

    • MylesofStyles

      Maybe it's time to move on up to the East Side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky.

    • Peter

      Did they ever get it back, did they get a new one, does the station wagon still run o,k.? It's a compelling story but with just a little more detail you could be sitting on one whopper of a tale!!!

    • Doug

      Sometimes i poop after a big meal

  • CWP

    Used to be able to buy these back in the 90's. I had one after having my car broken into 3 times and my stereo nicked.

    • Smitty

      Holy smoke brother, sounds like you needed to be considering parking you car somewhere else. Like in the next town over

      • CWP

        Nah, that's just what happens when you live in England. If you live in a crap area, everyone around you wants to steal your stuff. If you live in a nice area, the chavs come to your house because they know you have nice stuff. Hence, I now live in Indianapois. lol.

  • MigraineBoy

    #9 That looks fake. A good thief would know, I think.

    • Star

      I agree, seems like a waste of time

      • DBig

        A thief would know a newer car wouldn't come with a generic stereo.

    • Thief

      He's right, I can tell it's fake.

    • TommyKnockers

      A good thief isn't going to be stealing a car stereo.. I junky or a kid would be. And they probably spend 2 seconds looking in your car window before they move on. This would fool many of them.

  • Suzannes1974

    I spy a CB mic clip…does anyone still use a CB? Come awn….

    • Fuktard

      Semi drivers? Bus drivers? Construction workers? Country folk?

      • Si1entStatic

        I'm none of those but a CB is still cheaper than a state speeding ticket. Great for spotting speed traps…

        • Wrench

          Maybe I'd fall under he country category. But yeah, we still use CB's where I'm from.

          Breaker breaker, you gotta copy?

  • M-dub

    Reminds me of the old SNL skit of a "theft prevention" service for your car. Something to the tune of having Vinny & his boys come, beat the living crap out of your car so no one would want to steal it anymore. IIRC…

    • M-dub

      Sorry, it was The Chameleon XLE.

      • blue_bronco


  • Gregger

    I remember guys buying cheap car speakers and use those grilles to cover their good ones.

  • Shepard Wong

    I got a 2010 Toyota….with a tape player??? I don't think so. Now if you got an old beater with a sound system that's worth more than the car…now your talking!

    • GetItRight


  • echogeo

    I still have the crappy old radio… sigh

  • Canucks_Rule

    #10 – nice, but i'd get annoyed taking that cover off then putting it back on.

    • Jack Wagon

      It would be worth it to keep the ghetto from stealing your shit bro


    GO PATS!!!

    • 1_eye

      Fuck the Pats.

      • ipfreely

        Don't worry. The Broncos will beat them like a redheaded stepchild.

        • TheVanityScore


  • Tim

    I had a radio in worse shape than the "decoy" here that was stolen. I don't think thieves care what it looks like

    • Si1entStatic

      where do you think the thrift store got the radio's he used as a decoy? junk yard… right.

  • IrishInNJ

    Yeah that will look real legit in my Jeep Overland

  • Static

    this is an old trick, and in fact many stereos used to come with a cover.. i had one with a cover that made it look like vents, so it appeared as if i had no radio.

  • Cyntax

    Mazda for the win 😀

    • reut1

      i know, sweet protege! haha

      • Cyntax

        I do miss mine 😦

      • i like boobs

        i miss my protege too

  • klaop

    haha, amazing idea!! 😀

  • Keith Kooiman

    I would make a cover that looks like an empty hole with wires sticking out of it. No thief wants to waste their time on a dry hole.

    • jasonB

      No smart man does my friend.

  • bclark

    A friend of mine did this in his car back in high school….. in 1996. Damn I'm old.

  • Kidicarus

    My fake radio is an old victrola. Thieves are none the wiser.

  • knaimoli

    Someone just stole my radio faceplate. That was more annoying than them taking the whole thing.

  • 3PleasantGentlemen

    Sorry–what's a radio?

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