Using a crappy old radio to protect the real one — brilliant! (10 Photos)

Who would ever take the time and risk to steal such an old piece of junk?

  • Old skool dude

    This is early 90's tech. We one up'ed this design with a false plate and random wire harness hanging out, appears as though it had already been jacked.

  • John C Holmes

    My pops had something like this covering the Nakamichi tape deck in his Chevy Celebrity Eurosport.

  • @dabldzhii

    #Latvian thinking 🙂 #notbad

  • waltgator

    haha nice!

  • Perry

    Awww yeah, I need this for the sick system I gots in my mad whip yo. Sometimes me n my bros cruise the main drag with our windows down and the system up and our rattails blowing in the breeze. All the ladies' panties be droppin'

    Pffft, are you still in f'n high school that you need an aftermarket stereo.

  • 2Tall

    Latvia FTW

  • dudjn


  • Frank

    Even better is to rip the faceplate off of the stock radio and mod it to fit or leave the stock radio, add an alpine imprint processor, some amps and some decent drivers and call it a day. My commuter box(09 accord) appears stock but has CDT eurosports up front, an IDQ10 in an enclosure under the rear deck(using the rear deck from a V6 EX that comes with crappy 10" sub) and a pair of audisson amps also hidden under the rear deck. Anyone who hear sit is shocked and asks if it was the"premium audio" from Honda. I usually chuckle and tell them it is :p

  • i like boobs

    if mine gets stolen it just gives me an excuse to buy a new one

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