Workout products the 1970s swore by (8 Photos)

  • Kuaato

    #4 FIND HER!!!

  • bigcityreem

    #8 I still see people jogging with these garbage bags to this day.

    • Zucharelly

      Yes, warning not to stand still too long by the side of the road when wearing this.

  • Djz

    Oh, god, I remember playing with the giant vibrating belt and the twisting disk all the time as a kid. Did more good as kid's toys than as exercise.

  • bifford

    #1 Kramer on the left?

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    […] In invention of exercise equipment emerges. Whether you want to shake the weight off with a belt or hop on the ab lounger, the 1970’s mark the start of workouts that require gym equipment. You can check out some of these ridiculous products here! […]

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