20 facts that will boggle your mind (20 Photos)


  • Richard

    #13 Coca Cola is people!!!

    • Big Joe

      I see what you did there.

    • Gabby

      I wish I could give you an extra thumbs-up for not only posting a good joke, but for not yelling "First!"

    • verdad
  • ston

    #10 going youtube brb

    • Truth Hurts

      That is "fact" is bollocks.

      As a threshold matter, only one instance of White shark predation by Orcas has been actually observed (i.e., off the Farallon Islands) and it really is more of the aftermath, i.e., the Orca of the "L.A. Pod" consuming the White shark's liver.

      As for sharks "exploding"…where is the evidentiary support for such a unfounded proposition? Give me a break. Orcas just rip through them with their powerful jaws.

    • Balders09

      The orca kill the skark by flipping it upside down, which induces a comatose state known as tonic immobility (true for all sharks). This will eventually lead to the death of the shark by suffocation.

      • Mate

        When the shark is in the state of tonic immobility, the orca is then able to bite him in half(I mean who's got the time to wait for him to suffocate?). Another interesting fact: The scent of a shark's blood in the water sends the rest of them fleeing immediately.

  • CaptainO

    .. obviously

    • alkaline

      I call B.S. Patrick is much smarter than most people i've encountered.

  • Jeremy


    Purple Nurple!

    • hara


      • Right

        This is true. "Sporange" is a bag of fungus, like mushrooms.

    • Correction

      You almost had it 😉

    • Bob25

      Light urple. Trabec you dirty bastard…

      I'll take the Penis mightier for a 100…

      • Si1entStatic

        Sean Connery what did you wager……..

        suck it trebek, nice………….

        • Red

          Not a fan of the women are you Trabec?

    • beetlejuice

      orange – door hinge

    • guest99090

      not for shakespeare. he created words

    • Omar

      Silver – Quiver perhaps?

      • acaladar

        liver, believer, shiver

        • Walt


    • justme

      Orange – Door hinge

    • SCiD

      "Derple" the act of the derp.


  • doy

    #11 they're just massed produced in China like most other shit

    • martytdx

      There's actually a fortune cookie factory/bakery here in Philly.

    • Bob25

      Mmm china, where everything is flavored with lead.

  • Sir Boobsalot

    #17 and yet he wears a towel when he gets out of the shower

    • Bubba

      Makes perfect sense! What else is he supposed to do? Air dry?

    • AaaA

      And yet this is complete bulls****. I'm from Finland and it has NEVER been banned here.

      • Fin

        Yeah, it's only a misunderstanding of something. I had to check it. It's a legend 😀

      • SC Chiver

        Can we your Finnish gf's hump?

  • nick

    lol, they don't explode they just become stunned then die. haha explode

    • Argo

      I'm sure the animal doesn't explode but internal organs on the other hand.

  • Morosz3

    I say we bring back firing

    • Gloo

      Yeah, first for Bob. These "Facts that will boggle your mind" posts are usually 50% not-fact BS.

      • fucked

        fact ^

  • Chris

    #12 purple – turtle

    • Lolmao


      Time to go back to 2nd grade.

    • catfishblackbelt

      "crayons taste like purple" -Tardy the Turtle

    • sshuggi

      Maybe in the UK. I put a pretty hard 't' on it most of the time

    • Pokes

      At least Chris rhymes better than Lil Wayne

  • huubahuub

    purple-curple . orange-sporange . silver-chilver. month-dunth. #12

    • betamaxbandit

      I especially like 'dunth'; from http://www.geocities.ws/projectdunth/ dunth (noun) – a word for which there are no rhyming words. Note that dunth rhymes with month, which was a dunth before dunth became a word. This doesn't appear to be an official word yet, but at least two people (in addition to me) think it should be.

      • Richard

        Dunth is a perfectly cromulant word.

        • hara

          Get outta here, AV Club reject!

      • Lolmao

        Lol geocities, takes me back to 1999.

        • Frank

          FUCK! stop writing lol you fucking idiots

    • MonkeyMadness

      Don't forget schmurple, schmorange, schmilver and schmonth

    • catfishblackbelt

      this subject embiggens the smallest lexicon.

  • ThePatriot

    #3 false matches were invented somewhere around 980 AD, lighters were invented in the 16th century

    • betamaxbandit

      That depends on how you define a match; modern, self-igniting matches only began to appear around 1800. The history is actually very interesting; I quickly got lost in the fantastic Wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Match).

    • dhost78

      Thank you Dwight.

    • Peerless

      What are false matches…?

      • Tris

        Purple rhymes with Turtle…. False match :p ^^^^

  • RealZoo

    #12 Silver…Milf(er). See what I did there?

    • Woop


    • loopie

      hirple (which means to limp, hobble) rhymes with purple.

      Gorange, Gorringe, Sporange, Blorenge all rhyme with orange

    • SC Chiver

      Some people just aren't meant to be funny

  • nanard

    #20 bullshit

    • Richard

      The statement wouldn't surprise me. Keep in mind the area of a nuke is so much smaller than a hurricane. Also, a nuke's enegry is all released in a few seconds while the above thing says 10 minutes of a hurricane. (Having said that, it still might be bullshit like so many of these "facts.")

    • Dandude

      See how big that hurricane is there ? So imagine if you shrunk that to within the blast radius of your average nuclear bomb which is about 5 miles and just released it. Now imagine if you did that over and over again for 10 minutes straight. There's your firepower.

      • Dandude

        But yeah the fact is still BS, they can release more energy than 10,000 nuclear weapons during their entire life cycle however.

        • Tokey the Bear

          its not bullshit, the amount of energy is huge in a hurricane, we just dont see it like in a nuke because its not released in light and heat but rather in the elements of the storm. think of all the lightning (each strike with enough power to run all of NYC for a few days), each wave, the wind, the actual raising of the sea level…. nature is powerful beyond our comprehension

          • passwordistaco

            You got me with sea level rising, (even if it's more like an extended wave or "storm surge") that takes an awesome amount of power to push billions of gallons across hundreds of miles.

    • GramMarge

      Unnecessary, comma.

  • betamaxbandit

    #16 Everything was sold as a medicine around 1830, including petroleum and radium!

    • Firefighter23

      I rub ketchup on my balls when they itch

      • betamaxbandit

        Better than radium …

  • Joe


    Sporange rhymes with orange, it is a botanical term for a type of fern.

    • emmylou


      • catfishblackbelt

        what the shit is goin on in here?

    • open minded

      Chilver – Ewe Lamb. The internet never lies.

  • Hmm

    #12 i thought about this for a min..
    What about purple- whirlpool?

    • Lolmao


    • Walkin

      "whirl pool" not "whirlpool". It is two words.

      • catfishblackbelt


    • catfishblackbelt

      Purple Whirlpool is a good band name.

  • Speicus

    #1: Snopes says no.
    "Let's bung some images together, regurgitate long disproved nonsense, and call it 'facts'".

    • kiki castro

      plus Ceaser and Alexander weren't even kings – they were dictators, conquerors and emperors

    • Datura

      When did Julius Caesar become a King anyway?

    • SOhioChiver

      Thanks!. I'm going to quit reading this ridiculousness now.

    • Oltimey

      Snopes got this one wrong….This idea stems from designs produced in Rouen before 1516, in which the the face cards did represent various historical figures….

      • Thisistruth

        Snopes explains it very clearly. Kings, at one time, were represented on playing cards. However, this practice ended long ago and there were no standard people represented on playing cards.

    • gus

      I agree, there was no way one of the Kings was for David Spade. Wait, did I read that right??

      • Urethra Franklin

        Rob Schneider on the other hand…

    • Silent Brutus

      Snopes is about as reliable as the National Enquirer.

  • https://www.facebook.com/thomas.jackson.3152 Thomas Jackson

    #11 fortune cookies were actually invented in Japan and a Chinese chef in America popularized them and started selling them with his meals. So you're half right

    • bitcheslovepoems

      in bed

      • open minded

        LOL, you beat me to it.

  • alan

    Actually Orange is interesting. Door hinge rhymes with it. I know you said no "word". So lets use "orange in a poem-

    The four engineers,
    Wore orange braziers.

    -read it out loud
    – see what I did there, pretty clever huh? I stole it, not my idea.

    • catfishblackbelt

      wow, interesting challenge results in clever completion; meanwhile this why rap sucks since Biggie died…or did he? orange.

      • illzt5r4

        this from 60 minutes about eminem. that eminem guy is clever.

    • Bobby

      I get your point, but why would a man wear a brazier?

  • Jaketking

    Does this mean no bugs bunny? Tom? Jerry? Plankton?

    • MonkeyMadness

      or Squidward.

      • Lolmao

        Or me, because I never wear pants. Fuck pants.

        • GatOner

          ^^^ This.

  • llew

    urgh how can you hold a cockroach like that!! that's what boggles my mind! #7

    • kris

      That looks like a madagascar hissing cockroach. In my undergrad years a girl in my dorm had a few as pets and would let people hold them. Yes, they do actually hiss but not from the mouth. They are very slow and docile.

  • K-1

    #13: im not sure about the accuracy of this one, as far as I checked, it's just a rumour!

    • The_Dood
      • Billy

        Who made snopes GOD!

        • mongoose5271

          If it's on the internets then it has to be true.

          I'm a French model…bonjour!

          • K-1

            hahaha well played

      • K-1

        ive never heard of Snopes until right now, ill check it out, thanks

  • Punde

    #17 is BS

  • Köntzä

    Not true. I remember the noise in the news about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aku_Ankka

    • Pexi

      Yes, false fact. Donald Duck was never banned in Finland. In fact it's the most read magazine in Finland, ovar 1 million subsciption. And population of Finland is c. 5 million…so

  • thechevron

    orange rhymes with bastard

    • Notacunninglinguist

      But "orange" you my mother? Get it? Orange you = aren't you!

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