An external hard drive worthy of its own post? (20 Photos)

A regular old USB hard drive turned into this amazing glowing eye statue of Quadratus from the video game ‘Shadow of the Colossus’. This gave me a massive nerdgasm, I’m ashamed to admit.


  • Fo'sho

    Neeerdy!!!! But I want one!!!

  • noegod


  • CammaC

    WTF is with his unicorn table?

  • Capt Obvious

    That guy needs to get laid

  • I Eats Bacon

    #20 hey, is that table for sale?

  • echogeo

    Love the Post filler until the Hump Day post is ready!

  • fucked

    nobody knows what this is

    • MrFumbles

      I do, twas the first boss in Shadow of the Colossus.

      • ewp

        second boss actually

        • MrFumbles

          Duly noted. Which was the first? it's been quite some time since I played.

    • Grant

      Everyone who has played a great game knows what this is.

      • SnakemanDan85

        Everyone with their virginity knows what that is!

  • goldengekko1

    #20 everyone knows unicorns are great at balancing things on their head why wouldnt they use one as a table for that awesome beast of a hard drive 😀

  • Hmmm...

    I don't get it? is this one of those starwar things?

  • lexchiver

    Slow day huh Chive?

    • Colonel Mustard

      Just because it's not a semi-naked girl post, you assume it's a slow day. Dick.

  • John

    ah the life of a married man. no thanks.

    • SOhioChiver

      Some kids will fix that problem (too much time on his hands) he has .

  • passwordistaco

    Mom, come here look what I made!

  • Mike

    Fuck the statue, i want that unicorn table!

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Shadow of the Colossus you dolts.

  • animal

    This is some stupid shit…….chive you haven't been giving your best effort as of late

    • Queue

      This is a free website. You have absolutely no right to complain. Also, this game is amazing and the sculpture this guy made is incredibly detailed and impressive. I can guarantee that you have never and will never make anything even 1/10th as interesting as this man has in your entire life.

      Go watch some Spike TV or some shit.

      • animal

        Eat a dick….you suck donkey balls for quarters

        • Drnt79

          "Eat a dick". Like spotted dick, cause that's delicious. "You suck donkey balls for quarters." Anyone with half a brain knows that's a shitty bet, male donkeys are known to kick whatever's standing behind them, so implying Queue can do this for a quarter, well that's a brave SOB. Don't f*** with people with higher IQ's and stop chatting where you don't belong.

          • animal

            Haha…nice retort…..I obviously have better things to do than worry about what u lil gamer trolls have to say…..also….I do have a right to complain considering the amount of money Ive given to the chive…….it wasnt a bet….Q just sucks on donkey balls for quarters bc he lives in his mommys basement and that is the only wa yhe can purchase his code red

            • Queue

              Obviously you do not have better things to do. At all. Also, just because you bought a t-shirt doesn't mean you own stock in the Chive. If anything, it shows how dumb you are for giving money to a website that you apparently don't understand completely. The Chive are firm lovers of art, and this is art – regardless of the fact that it's videogame related.

              How about you head over to and go fist pump with the rest of the frat boy dipshits?

              • animal

                Hahaha frat boy? Wow first spike tv now this? U are entertaining me this afternoon……whats next should I get my shmedium affliction shirt and go tanning…..never said I owned stock…..this is just a lame ass thread in which I wasted my time on

                • Stupid Deep

                  Animal I hope you realize that you are being made out out to be a fool and nobody on here thinks you are the funnier person. Just look at all the people downvoting your sorry ass and then go and look at the shit Queue or Drnt79 said. Would you please shut up and sit down?

            • Drnt79

              Who said I was a gamer troll and why are you using a "I'm the consumer so I say what's right" type of approach to this website. I give money too, I don't always agree with the content, but to blatantly shit on something just cause you feel you have the right when… really, no one cares. Enjoy your life treating strangers like shit.

              • animal

                Drnt stop talking don't be dumb the end

                • Drnt79

                  Uh oh, I hit a nerve.

                • Queue

                  I clearly won this argument.

  • nate

    For Christ sake people…shadow of the colossus…only one of the most awesome games ever.

    • lol no

      lol no.

      • RazorChiver

        lol, yes

    • Dave

      Eff all the people who downvoted you. SotC is one of the best videogames ever made… that NO ONE has heard of.

  • Jimmy Jam

    Dear God I wish I had that much free time!

    • hara

      Stop masturbating on the internet so much.

  • SOhioChiver

    I bet it is a bitch to upgrade.

  • tremaine

    I have that game hahaha its sooo awsome… Think i might go play it

    • asdasd

      no, it's not awesome…. it's an emo art students wet dream…

      • MrFumbles

        Maybe you should play it…. cause it really is that good. It only got a 9.7….

  • Daniel

    so, hows he gonna get it outta that thing if he needs to?

    and no, it's that gargoyle that chases Rick Moranis at the end of Ghostbusters.

  • KUJhawklaw

    That looks really nice there in his mom's basement.

  • Wal-Mart customer

    And this is where I store my virginity.

  • lol no


    • Michael

      "ULTRA GAY!" are you from the 90's or the south?

      • ggg

        Not everyone from the south is a homophobic uneducated inbred hick. Just sayin'.

        • Michael

          sorry ggg. but thats where i see it mostly coming from now a days. but i am sorry, thumbs up to you.

          • Stupid Deep

            My old lady is from the south. She is currently working her way through med school.

    • Hillary Duff

      You shouldn't say that

  • Carter2

    I stopped caring about anything but table.

  • Steve-O

    you sir have entirely too much free time…that being said, it is pretty cool …

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