Chivettes bored at work (29 Photos)

Are you bored at work? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • justinmi720

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  • kimoho

    Moar #2, & #14. Please!!!!!!!

  • AnItalianChiver

    #14 You didn't even need to get undressed.. beautiful eyes Emily 😉

  • d80fo

    Chivette's, just wanted to say thanks for the posts! Want to let you know
    too how frickin' hot it gets us Chivers thinkin that at any time, the hottie in
    the cube down the aisle might be sneakin off to the loo and strippin down
    to bra and panties and snappin' pix to post on the CHIVE! God I love this country!

    • - M@ -


  • Jrmtiger

    This is becoming a place for chubby girls to gain attention now.

    • nicki

      your a dick

  • 5.0


    MOAR you perfected hotties!!

  • steveCal

    #5 Big fan of the Tilted Kilt. #8 Find, Moar please.

  • UTAH

    Chivetters bored at work is my favorite thread. Exhibitionism at its finest

  • @randyhab71

    #20… marry me!!!

  • zgl

    #11 – gotta love the goofy girl chivette 🙂 #12 – yowsers! #18 – professionally dressed with a dash of naughty girl, love it! #28 – simply gorgeous, moar!

  • Scott P

    #1 MOAR! #2 I would like to place an order for some mouth to mouth…that is all…

  • that guy

    "Chivettes: just before they got fired for taking selfies at work"

    • Ameliaashley

      Yeah, I was pretty nervous to submit to this thread for that reason specifically. But without a work logo on the shirt, it won't really matter right?

  • Vroom

    #3 job doesn't require pants? Not that I'm complaining
    #10 goodness gracious, you have an amazing top half….. MOAR

  • James

    I think we all agree, #18, please keep slacking at work…

  • Sapper33

    #11 where are you?

    • AirborneSig


      • canadian guy

        looks like Canadian forces

  • LuCheezy734

    I suddenly feel that construction is the wrong profession. #1 and #10

  • Anonymous

    #9 ow ow even with a derp face I still imagine you hot as hell. Marry me?

  • n8tivet3ch

    #14 has me coming back for more maybe its the mystery and the extreme cuteness.

  • jimmyfsd

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  • - M@ -

    #26 JeZus

  • Rowdy_n_Playful

    14…Could those eyes be any more dreamy? Holy Crap!

  • Julian

    #17 #20 So gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Pcbtothemax

    Any of these board chivettes in the Silicon Valley?!

  • LBF 4 ever

    nope, no known co-workers

  • cope high

    i would love to take you 14

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