How much abs is too much abs? (24 Photos)

  • Cory

    Where is 'K'??

    • GeorgiaRosa

      right after J & just before L

      • Jack Wagon

        I was gonna say out policing the alien population with a black suit and a partner that goes by "J"

  • Slim Jim

    there wasn't a single girl in here that we all wouldn't do

    • Kev

      WRONG! Jesus man did we look at the same post?? It makes my penis scared for its life and my self esteem shrivel up inside me! I–…. may have written that wrong.

      • GeorgiaRosa

        It's all the inspiration I need to stay as is, I'm not going to a gym if that's what 🙂

        • Esr0d

          Women don't bulk up like men do because of a lack of testosterone. Without hormonal supplements, all a woman does is define her body a lot like this gallery. # 11 might have taken a bit of hormonal supplements.
          Anyway, to me these women are gorgeous and I would take them over any skinny girl or sedentary girl out there.

          • GeorgiaRosa

            ..burp. nom nom, just finished the last of my McDonalds super sized everything, yummy …dunno where you get your facts but, I know women who bulk up loads without testosterone. ..You should see Paula O.O
            So you'd TAKE these women would you, where would you take them, & are they up for being took I wonder…

      • mickey

        Amen brother.

      • Slim Jim

        we did beautiful women just don't intimidate me

    • bibby

      speak for yourself pal

    • thatsright

      Fuck you, if you dig creeps like that then its your own business, but leave others out of it.

    • nope

      there wasn't a single girl in here i would do. you have some issues with your sexual identity.

      • Ravel

        The hell? So because some of us like girls that work out we have a problem with our sexual identity? What kind of screwed up logic is that?

        • nope

          the same screwed up logic as assuming because you would do these girls, everyone would, 😀

    • jjladylove

      To bad you dudes look as good..we might want to do you to, especially the fat older dudes who critize their women, please look at yourself . i am so sick of you staring all day and making statements how you work,so my husband and you know who you are i have a lover whos dick is so hard ,men are so stupid we woman all want sexy hard body men and have our fantazies and yes and when you you also,in fact all the men next when with your lover ask them

      • MylesofStyles

        I fully intend to…as soon as I decipher whatever the fuck it was you were trying to say.

      • Pretty Smile


      • nope

        less gym, more school.

      • goatpunch

        None of this even made sense. Either proofread before you send, or evolve past cro-magnon more quickly

      • Nick

        what the fuck did you just try and say?

    • Bheld

      Not because of abs. Some of them a definite butter faces though!!

    • James


  • fucked

    #4 meet nice nick to you I'm

    • you never know

      she might have a penis…i am scared.

      • please just once

        Your an idiot! She is by far the best looking one out of the bunch! She isnt overly built…

        • grammar popo

          Your spelling and insult put together are ironic.

    • Chivette

      SHE is Sophie Guidoline, mother of twins/pretty inspiring fitness model.

      • Twins

        Yeah, in her bra!

      • gnocco

        was much happier before I googled that….

    • Remmy

      Well said man…couldn't have done better myself

  • Brad

    I am in love!

    • SOhioChiver

      I bet they all like to be on top!

  • chiverdude

    ew some of these girls need to cool it on the testosterone

    • blue_bronco

      I'll take a flat stomach over these. Too much.

    • just saying

      I like squishy

      • Kev


    • Skermitt

      Agreed. Could probably rip your dick off with their vagina muscles…. :O

    • Yep

      Here's what you guys are failing to realize. That a few years from now when all your wives will be fat and nasty these women will still be in great shape.

      • HitTheGym

        Also, the preferences of the trash talkers don't matter. These girls are probably way out of their league.

  • Bhodi

    #10 Incredible

    • Kev

      Incredibly manly. Are you fucking kidding me??? It looks like Sylvester Stalone crawled into carmen electra and died, then they got aaaaaallllllllllll whored up and got hit by several trains. Give me natural girls not ones who spend 25 hours a day worrying about their image. douche.

      • Michelada

        But how do you really feel kev?

        • Kev

          hahahaha touché

      • manilovefilmsdylan
      • Adam

        Can't a guy just post that he thinks a certain someone is hot without someone explaining each and every reason why she is in fact not? Jeez.

    • Brian

      Yea, I guess enough silicone, hair extensions, make up and tanning lotion can make a dude look like that.

      • Kev

        HAHAHAHAHA well played sir

    • Nick Parsons

      As well as #5

    • BCBC

      Miss Prestin.

      She has all the tanned, bleached, fakeboobed, duckfacing wrongness, but we all still would.

  • John

    Too much.

    • Interneter

      #14 Yes, you are a loser for taking this picture of yourself at a gym. Yes, hot girls can be losers too.

  • Kidicarus

    #1 and #16

    How is it possible to have abs and be that lean, and still be stacked as hell?

    • whereBpaddy


    • StarboardEngine

      Let me give you a hint buddy: Rhymes with "blastic burgery."

    • Killa13

      It's called fake tits bro.

    • John80

      Seriously? It's NOT possible. That's why they all have implants. And my vote is all of them. They all need to ease up on the crunches. When you start seeing veins it's time to say enough.

    • Bum juice


    • gus

      #1 is Susana Spears, NSFW. Not fake. Likes to be naked.

      • Tierney4351

        *Used* to be not fake. Totally fake now, and she goes by Zuzana Light. 😉

      • BCA225

        I'm pretty sure she was natural all while doing porn and then got the implants after she quit. She now does fitness vlogs. She has mentioned the implants on her vlog more than once.

    • Dano

      Silicone, obviously.



    • Chris Brown

      #1 Susan Spears, porn….

      • Geezer

        Can't we all just smoke a bong and get along?

      • DWolf

        Actually it's Zuzana Light, workout specialist. Fake boobs, but doesn't do porn.

        • Blunttrauma

          Well, maybe not any more, but she did. Zuzana Light and Susana Spears are the same (hot) woman.

    • Dylan

      uhhh… thats not a real question is it? If it was you need to google breast augmentation, Iam sorry blows your mind

    • CdnDood

      yup yup #1 mikey james frm youtube… yum!!

  • KevinTito

    Looks like just the right amount to me…

    • Not Me

      Along with #12

      • KevinTito


  • blue_bronco

    Is that a Fallopian tube?

    • GeorgiaRosa

      it genuinely looks more like a snake in her pants..

    • UN Translator

      when those "V" muscles start being defined … it's too much …

      • Blue Bronco


      • nanard

        Waaay too much

      • MathNerd

        the V muscles don't always come with the abs. Smooth abs and defined "V" is superb.

    • Professor Squeegee

      Her name is Courtney Prather, she's pretty freaking hot IMO. I do agree her abs are a tad too much in this photo.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    That tranny is ripped

    • Mas Ter Bate

      Isnt this Carmen Electra?

      • open minded

        No, it looks like the dude from Silence of the Lambs…tuck, tuck, "I'd Fuck Me"

      • theapprentice10

        Laura Michelle Prestin

  • Daywalker

    Scared stiff

  • epic ass is epic

    #5 Finally a hump on hump day

  • sfb101

    Most of these scare the hell out of me. Except #16

    • zTom


      All but #16, which is borderline, are pretty disgusting.

      I like slim fit girls the best but what on earth are they thinking???

      • Berty

        I think this woman is a perfect 10.

        • !?!

          I would disagree with you on that. But, to each their own.

      • Seth

        I may be wrong but this looks like Ainsley Rodriguez. Shes a fitness model.

  • navydudeguy

    That escalated quickly….in my pants I mean

  • GlibTongue

    This is also a great indication of fake boobs vs. real boobs.

  • Paula_

    These girls are scary!

    ALEC!!1! Bring on the SQUISHY GIRLS PLZ!!1!

    – Fan testimonial: "I never have a problem with Paula, it's like she's another poster, just more elaborate with strange things to say. Better than most folks who cut someone down and demand hot chicks. – Jacob Christie"

    • Jack Wagon

      Paula, your infinite wisdom intrigues me. I think I might be in love…

    • Actually


  • Epitomizer

    IMHO #12 and #16 are pretty enticing, but #1 and #24 look a little too extreme for my tastes.

  • ZZzzZZzz Coffee

    Nice abs, bro.

    • Kev


      • Continuation^


  • Hootie

    #10 women who look like this are a huge turn off

    • nnnnnnnnn

      Then you must like the ones with a penis

      • Kev

        The fuck are you talking about??? The man likes natural women, not ones who spend all fucking day worrying about each calorie and drinking nothing but whey and children's tears… Christ she's about as feminine as Ernest Hemingway and probably doesn't know what a menstrual cycle is. And if you put it near a match it'll burn up in beautiful blue flames…

        • Van

          Your argument is invalid. A woman who "probably doesn't know what a menstrual cycle is" is every man's dream.

      • zTom

        And this one is probably holding "her" own penis between her clenched legs.

    • manilovefilmsdylan
  • Alex

    #17 is just right and not too much.

    • Kev

      Ya… jus' pull down those pants a little lower so you can reveal her COCK! 'The fucks wrong witchu son????

      • SnakemanDan85

        What's wrong with you faggot, you're all about the cock today!! Fuckin flamer!!

  • Nick

    difference between abs and being way to skinny. some look like they could use a hamburger

    • Shadow

      reminds me of the concept, abs on a skinny guy are as attractive as boobs on a fat girl

      A lot of these women definitely earned their keep, can't help but feel a few of them fall in line with the skinny guy

  • mka hou

    All to damm HOT !!!

    • Mdr

      It's "all too damn hot"

  • luka_

    #2 #5 #13 #14 #21

    i would eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner of those abs! damn!!!

  • Mohammed Smith

    New Caption:
    "If you like penis and/or are confused about your sexuality, then you'll love these 'women'"

    • Derek

      Is it really that? Or is it more that the thought of being with a woman who is fit also includes the fact that you would have to get off your ass and get yourself fit first?

      • howie felthersnatch

        No, it's called they look like dudes, women are supposed to be feminine not ripped like dudes, it's gross, if a chick has more muscle definition than me then it smells like tranny & I'm out like the flash

        • bigcityreem

          If she has more definition that you, maybe you should get motivated to workout with her.

        • SnakemanDan85

          In other words you're a chubby chaser?

    • Slim Jim

      count me in then

    • greenknighttt

      If you're a wimp, you'll be "scared and frightened" of the women.

    • OFF2

      If you're confused about your sex and are not enough man for these incredible women then you'll leave this comment.

    • Derek

      U are retarded and prolly are fat these women are hot fit chicks are the new thing man put the fries down and get with the picture

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