How much abs is too much abs? (24 Photos)

  • Wizatek

    All have way to much abs

  • Sean

    Nothing feminine about any of these women

  • ImpressMe

    Man, I love a fit girl….but these ladies are just dudes with fake boobs….maybe if they stopped trying to hard to be men….whats wrong with being a fit woman with some nice curves?

  • Gavin

    You people are fucked in the head… These women all look like shit….

  • Bentley

    Wow man I'm a tub of shit.

  • Mjonezy

    #8 i might be in love

  • Nishtai

    It's too much the minute they start asking people to punch them in the abs to show how tough they are

  • Kimbo

    #16 #22 PERFECTION!

  • upandatthem

    it's like the title was the question, and all those pics were the answer.

  • WOW12

    12…. Only 12

  • K-1

    Trick question… ALL of them were too much!

  • Metatron

    Gotta love hawt girls with 6-pack abs.

  • Gnu

    Give any of these women an orgasm through oral sex and they would squeeze your head right off!!

  • ifitinmytundra

    All you pussy ass bitches so insecure about your own man hood that you cant handle a woman with muscle? Every single one of these Fine Specimen gets my vote as some of the sexiest ever posted on the chive. Same goes for all the fit girls! !!

  • Kevin B.

    #12 seems like the perfect balance… MOAR!

  • Dick Large

    Sorry man, but they all look like guys in bikinis. Nasty.

  • TheBetterMan

    I would not touch any of the "girls" in here, I also don't like dudes which is along the same lines. Women are supposed to be soft, it is their body and can do what they want, I'm just not into it, toned chicks, cool, but if a girl has abs like a dude, no thanks.

  • Paul

    I wonder how many of those woman have had kids??????

  • jack

    #6 #10 #16 #20 Best ones, all are amazing!

  • KiKi

    #4, #11, #16, #23 all absolutely stunning and sexy, and Im a girl. wish I had a body that amazing. but alas im a squishy lol. honerable mention to #10 but i feel like th fake boobs kind of overpower the point of the pic which is supposed to be sexy abs.

  • Stay_Classy

    #17 is the only attractive one in the bunch. The rest look like dudes and need to tone it down.

  • Frank

    all of them are too much abs, way too much

  • Roy Pacheco

    "There are never
    too much abs
    if they are accompanied
    by boobs and ass"

    by Me

  • toshy

    12,16,22, fuck it who em i kidding they are all smoking hot! lol

  • Hoot15

    #17 just right good looking..

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