Hump Day presented in new fangled high-def (41 HQ Photos)

  • Dstrick d

    All of em. Me wants to touchy

    • Oh Canada!


      Oh how the sun is shining in the right spot!! Gotta love the Canadian talent!

    • genie

      I couldn't agree more to those wise words.

    • TheVanityScore

      i think that we should recognize and thank this guy for not saying first like all the other douche bags.

    • SC Chiver

      I love when hump day knocks it out the park

    • bdg

      Great thread this week!!! #2 and #26 FTW!!!!!

  • Morosz3

    Just got the courage to ask my boss for a raise

    • @Exile714

      When you're unemployed, you'll have even more time to browse TheChive!

      • guest 307


    • ...

      this post gave me a raise……in my pants………an erection is what i'm talking about

  • echogeo

    Can practically feel the mesh.

    • cum dumpster

      I can smell the but

    • just the tip

      that mat be your zipper

    • BigD

      Feel it? I can practically TASTE it!

    • majorfathead

      What about #2 that little see through mesh there just twisted me sideways

  • Ph3nom3non

    HQ Hump Day should be every wednesday

    • SteelHorseCowboy

      God Bless HQ and Hump Day…

      • grumpy

        Yes! EVERY HD should be HQ!
        Hoe many times have you seen a gorgeous hump on a "regular" hump day and wished that Chivette had bought a new cell phone since 2005 with a decent camera on it?

    • G_Had


  • michaelanthonyphotog

    #41 I just cried a tear of joy

  • TheAssMan

    Hard to Get past #1 but made it all the way to #41 LOVE THE HQ!

    • you never know

      great end on both ends.

  • Less models

    Nice, but I prefer more chivettes.

    • Berty

      Yea right.

    • Kyle

      I downvote for this comment is not enough. Always the best post of the week.

      • shirt nonsense

        how can you down vote that comment??? its meant as more "amatuer" photos..none of this "model" b.s. more "real" chivettes…kind of like ppl down vote for "fake" t-shirts….stupid

        • JSJ

          These asses aren't fake, the boobs might be, but the asses are real, real nice!!!! I vote for more humps all the way around!

  • Timbo_Slice

    #8. Pew, pew, pew, pew 'Merica!

    • Chuck Schick

      She be so gangsta

    • Team Venture

      I guess that would be right if she was American or in America.

      • Timbo_Slice

        Tell me then genius where you think she might be from? That pistol on her ribcage is a Ruger SR9 which is manufactured by one of America's oldest gun manufacturers. And what would make you think a girl from Canada or the UK would get a tattoo of a pistol on her body? Present day, along with France those are some of the weakest countries in existence. Source: US Marine with more combat deployments then the entire Canadian military combined.

        • Team Venture

          Okay tough guy. She is from France and is studying civil engineering in Canada. The tattoo is fake. Source: She follows my blog on Tumblr, and I am familiar with her work.

          • OmahaDude

            If this is indeed true, ol' Timbo just got served. Yeah, I said served. I'm urban and hip.

          • Timbo_Slice

            Read a book. Who's to say this "girl" that follows your blog is who she says she is? Isn't this the age of misinformation, plagiarism, fraud and deception. This "girl" that follows your blog is probably some fat dude who gets off posing as some 21 year old low level model. Now you're going to say you've actually met her before. Your story is suspect and I get the impression you're saying what you feel is necessary to avoid looking like a jackass…..too late.

            • Team Venture

              Timbo Timbo Timbo. What does reading a book have to do with this at all? How do I know she is who she says she is? I suppose I dont. I have never met her in the real world and I never will. However, if she is not who she says she is, then how is her blog full of photos of only her? How does this "fat dude" post photos that are requests from followers?

              Exhibit A (NSFW):

              • Timbo_Slice

                Venture, this conversation now bores me. Arguing on the internet is like the Special Olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded. Now, I'm not implying you are, I am merely stating that whoever the victor of this conversation would be, has won an insignificant battle. So, I am going to take the high road and hand you this victory by allowing you on your next response to get the last word and say at whole whatever it is you feel you need to say. Good day. Back to looking at ass and titties.

                • Jon

                  What the hell is wrong with you people?

            • bitchslap

              STFU Timbo geek

        • ManDude

          Thank you for your service. Would appreciate you not demeaning the men and women who have served for those countries though.

        • nanard

          Timbo, how are your premature ejaculation problems ?

  • echogeo

    #7 #10 #21 #40
    HQ humps…well, my wallpaper folder's been replenished.

    • cfs

      The one lying on the beach i'd like to lie on

    • Admirer

      I want the camo hat. Now!!!!!

    • lucid_eye

      I looked from every angle and still couldn't see through the gap in #21 's shorts

  • Rowdy_n_Playful

    I LOVE HUMP DAY! Well Done Leo…Well Done.

  • echogeo

    Strategic positioning fail, buddy.

    • Maverick

      This is the incomparable Brooke Adams. Hooters model. From Houston.

      • Snowshoe

        I Google'd that, and she is also a wrestler now using the name: Miss Tessmacher

  • BGrimsleyII

    Why dress up more than that?!

  • akbrown006

    #21 Sweet Jesus. This wins.

    • Kiki

      Agree, thumbs up since I can't on my iPhone

    • TheVanityScore

      looks so inviting. makes you wanna just jump right in.

    • lucid_eye

      I think I could lick the spot without her undressing

  • SOhioChiver

    #21 is showing some tender skin!

    • cum dumpster

      This is awesome, you can totally see straight through the butthole right into the pussy, man. That is awesome.

    • Kevyb

      I'd so hit this

  • Da Nig Nagga

    Things are overrated… No imagination required

    • Da Nig Nagga


    • =0)

      Imaginations are overrated

    • :-)>

      Jet Skis aren't overrated.

    • Murph

      Even God couldn't imagine some of these things. All one can do is admire. like #5

  • JetBuilder

    just had an eyegasm in class! boing oing oing…. I love getting paid to Chive

  • Jeff

    #5, you caused my jaw to break after it hit the floor!

  • tv_paul

    #29 I'd chive on that for sure.

    • Hand of Fate

      It bothers me that nothing in this picture can specifically be identified as female…

      Maybe its bad lighting causing it to be grainy, but it almost looks like there is a little too much hair on that ass, so I'm skeptical that this is a trap.

      • Steel Jaguar

        You could say that about alot of the shots that don't show anything but the ass… but I prefer to just think they are all female photos and not ponder these things too much… It's like the ingredients of hot dogs, you could think about it too much and talk yourself out of having one, but really they are still so damn good that you choose ignorance to be your bliss. I say that you try to do the same with these pictures.

      • KTY

        This is my butt, and I can assure you I am female. I will also have you know that females, like males, have hair all over their body, and this is a website celebrating real women. Go back to porn if you want to see fake waxed asses.

        • Hand of Fate

          Look, you need to not take it personally if that is true. It's a shapely butt, and I said I couldn't tell if it was hair or just a grainy photo, so in that case it is probably just grainy with bad lighting and not actual hair anyway. Don't get all friggin' huffy about it. Most "real" women I've known don't have to wax their whole ass.

          By the way, that whole idea that the Chive only celebrates "real women" is complete nonsense anyway, given that everyone's definition of what constitutes a "real woman" is different, models, actresses, even porn stars pictures end up on the site, and even plenty of the Chivettes have shown they're waxed, have dyed hair, breast implants or what have you.

          There is nothing wrong with you or your body in any sense to feel you have to distinguish it as "Real" compared to other appraently "non-real" girls in the first place. As I said, it was just the lighting, and the lack of any other identifying marker as compared with every other photo in the gallery, be it more of the body shown, long hair, the outfit, etc.

          • Hand of Fate

            And, by the way, my wife has been on this site multiple times and she would probably be classified as not a "real woman" by you because she is also a model, despite the fact that she is also completely natural body wise as well, which is part of why I find that distinction to be ridiculously stupid.

  • Dtx13

    Best hump day ever

  • Dick trickle

    Since I can't go through and link em all in my comment, I'll take a double dose of #35

  • Alex

    #26 #29 #40 'nuf said…

    • tino grad

      and #41….WOW!!

    • Bob Loblaw

      #26 Hometown Holly. Love Google.

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    #4 #10 #20
    Hi-Def never looked so good!

  • Mike Hunt

    #20 Everything about this is just right

    • Like 90% sure

      I think that's pornstar Emma Mae

      • RyanJinjer

        It is indeed, my favourite one 🙂

      • r00s7a

        As a surprise bonus, if you Google image search Emma Mae, you get a surprisingly large number of blue hairs tainting the results.

        • Josh Mazurkiewicz

          haha thats awesome, so many people just googled that

    • Mike Granneman


    • Guest

      Everything except that crappy ink on her hip. Totally distracts and detracts from her hump.

  • danbb

    #8 rihanna #15 #35 wow

    • tino grad

      great choices…..

    • Team Venture

      Swing and a miss on #8.

  • Jeff

    #38, yes I'd love to go fishing in those stockings!

    • nepster

      To each his own I guess, but I like to be comfortable when I'm fishing.

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