Photography at its finest (24 Photos)

  • TheAssMan

    #4 the Photo is the least of this guy's worries….

    • Kev

      Thanks I laughed so hard I now have granola lodged somewhere in my sinuses

    • Charity Browne

      dan and cass your little girl is so cute and to all you other people get bent you dont know these guys so be so quick to judge someone

      • Jen

        wait, you actually know these people? HAHAHAHAH

        • Robin Lynn Bénard

          I'm failing to see whats so funny about this photo… They're two parents excited about the arrival of the baby. What exactly is worth making fun of in that?

          Keep on truckin' Dan and Cass! You're daughter is beautiful!

          • Idk

            The funny part is not the people or the baby it's the crappy quality of the photo hence it being in an album with a bunch of other shitty pictures.

            • truth

              speak for urself…im lolling cuz that chick is butt ugly

      • Idk

        People are judging those two, they're judging the shitty quality of the picture. You see all these other horrible picture…? Ya dumb cunt.

        • Robin Lynn Benard

          im just saying, in comparison to the other photos, its not that bad.

          Its a couple in a frame doing a pose ive seen bazzillions of times on Pinterest. Original? no. but not comparable with a shoe/people combo.

        • Angela

          rude… that's my brother and his girlfriend and my newborn, adoreable niece….

      • SC Chiver

        Cass, you're ugly as hell. Dan, good for you, you tricked someone to stay with you.

  • TheAssMan

    #13 It puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again

    • 1911

      I gotta admit, un-pregnant and without the dude she'd probably look pretty good.

    • bdg

      #18 and #21 Yes,Yes I would!!!
      #24 What's this smell on my fingers????? Is it familiar???

  • Good Lawd

    That baby is gonna be ugly as fuck.

    • carl

      that can't be her real face. no way.

    • Angela

      The baby actually is really adoreable. Some asshat stole this photo and will soon be sued if not removed within the next 24 due to breach of copyright. That also happens to be a soldier who just returned from fighting in Afghanistan. A little respect would be appreciated. Thanks.

      • Just saying

        It's the Internet what do you expect? You post something on the Internet it might end up somewhere else.

        • angela

          It was NOT in a public area. Someone stole it who was a 'friend' on facebook. They will be sued as soon as we find out who it was. Let's hope, it wasn't YOU.

          • Just saying

            So your telling me Facebook isn't a public area? Kinda thought it was since anyone can join. And why would I steal your picture or your friends picture. I don't know who the fuck you are nor do I care I just decided to comment on this public forum.

    • Jake

      You read my mind sir 😛

  • cat


  • echogeo

    Is she taking a shit?

    • trash

      Nah, she's getting ready to get corn-holed beside the dumpster, behind the club.

    • carl

      she's about to get a "trash-can johnson". i made that up.

      • r00s7a

        … or about to give a Dirty Carl. I did not make that up.

    • MajorTom

      just goes to show – it ain't easy being a Chivette

    • derp

      YES! Please, someone photoshop a turd on the ground.

      • chucklesclown

        Or not. Please, no one carry out this person's request.

    • SC Chiver

      That's the position right before you put a clothes hanger up there to get rid of the worst possible STD…. a child.

  • PDiddily420

    If there is ever an acceptable time for a hover hand, this would be it!


  • John

    somewhere someone thinks these are good, and that kind of cheers me up

  • tv_paul

    #11 Why is Danny McBride groping the Easter Bunnies balls?

    • Nodrog

      If Michael Gainey (Bo Crowder – Justified) and Danny McBride had a child….he'd be groping bunny balls

  • fucked

    cant pick one to comment

  • tv_paul

    #18 I'm guessing this won't be the first time a train has been pulled on her.

    • annoying_paul

      hence how you came into existance

    • Eric Spielman

      You win.

      • MissVega84

        this is actually a trophy you can earn on Red Dead Redemption called Dastardly 😉

  • dan

    #11 There is no right in this photo.

  • KTmess

    #1 Facebook friends really need to stop encouraging that shit.

    • Spelling Police

      Seriously! I don't know what is worse; the photo or that ugly ass hammer toe that chick is sportin'.

      • KTmess

        There is too much, TOO MUCH WRONG.

      • gross

        DID YOU SEE THE TOE!!??

  • sfb101

    #21 Does a bear shit in the woods? Apparently not…

  • Shepard Wong

    #8 riiiiight…how's about NO!

    And WTF is up with the naked pregnant people???

    • kikass

      I dont think she is pregnant.. I think shes just plump and taking a pic for her Birthday.

  • Buck Murdock

    Smell this…

    • carl

      i lol'd at his haircut.

    • ttyl hef


    • G_Had

      Let the bitch smell my hand. Bitches love smelling hands.

    • Bob

      Smell the glove

      • iskra9

        Break like the wind

  • Travioso

    #22 is OK, I guess. Violins are pretty badass when they glow like that


    hahahahaa #21 is just tomfoolery nonsense.

  • fucked

    #1 never mess with a guy who is faded into his wife's heel-wearing foot

  • StarboardEngine

    Douche-iest foot I've ever seen in my life.

  • WTF

    #1, #10, #17, #24
    It's amazing how people will "like" something to avoid pissing someone off. Stupid shits.

  • ZZzzZZzz Coffee


    2 beers, and I would.

    • KillerCroc

      sooooooooo,,,,, totaly sober?

      • hara

        Sure. If it passes the sniff test, it gets in.

        • JetBuilder

          Eyes have to be open? If not I'm in () c====8

          • JetBuilder

            Ok who am I kidding I'm just in.

    • Jony

      Hell I'm still sober with two beers, but ill keep one in each hand while tapping it just as a bonus.

      • coffee sucks

        Ha, like any of you gross mother fuckers could even get a girl. Assuming she'd even look at you fat fucks.

    • i like boobs

      she is georgous, look at them curves!

    • bdg

      Wouldn't tell anyone though!!!

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Seriously. The GD cat was the best of these #14

  • Busternut

    #24 "Here, smell your sister."

    • SmokeyTheBear


  • Chuck Schick

    #1 Rex Ryan ?

  • Alpha_Dog

    #11 #12 #13
    The Creep Factor goes up exponentially with each pic.

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