Hot Right Now: Playboy model is pro golfer Grayson Murray’s new caddie, here are some smokin’ pics of her (17 photos)

You just got back to work and already you need to get away (20 HQ Photos)

  • John
  • Bob

    #1 is Lake Obersee

  • Dan

    These pics would be amazing if they were HQ.

  • Zucharelly

    Breathtaking landscapes! Tx.

  • Penguin

    #10 well, this vacation just got canceled!

  • archie

    n15 is mon saint michel in France i went there on a school trip. When the tide comes in the island is sealed off ,its really cool

  • jony

    names please names of places 😦

  • Ron

    Can we start getting locations to go with these pictures???

  • Kyle From NJ

    #16 Reverse view Cliffs of Moher??

  • Ari214

    Chive, Y U no post names of the place? How am I supposed to update my Bucket List?

  • | All good things

    […] “If you just got back to work and already you need to get away…” – The Chive […]

  • Christina

    #10 is Iceland

  • Cudaman

    #13 looks like the Oregon coast to me, near Bandon where you can view Face Rock. Guess i'll have to send in a few pics.

  • Jesse

    Hey, I took shot #16 – glad you guys like it. Mind linking to my site Thanks!!

  • Randumbness

    #10 Mordor?

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