A surpisingly nice li’l house on wheels (12 Photos)

Via Dailymail.co.uk

  • Fappy McFapperson

    Fancy as fuck

  • loveygoo

    pretty sure the washroom is behind the ladder.

  • http://twitter.com/Fake_A1 @Fake_A1
  • jared

    This is a scam, just like dave on wheels!

  • Nate S

    dumb, use the money spent on trailer and buy small chunk of land then put house on that. also this weighs alot more than you would think, gonna need a nice big fuel burn'n rig to move it…..environmentally friendly my left fuzzy… dumb

    • unclefrank

      most people who own these generally just rent uhauls when they are moving them….typically not very often

      • Nate S

        I guess i don't see the point in it then

  • blue_bronco

    I think it is a house for the cat

  • steveCal

    How can I do this to my hatchback?

  • Alan

    Environmentally and financially friendly my ass. It's a goofy-looking trailer that will require a large truck engine to move. And you will need to move it: something like that cannot be parked on the street indefinitely, and trailer parks charge rent.

    Just buy a used camper … if you already have a place to park it.

  • Smurfs0nParade

    wow, who knew this has just been sitting 1 town over from me this entire time?

  • Chive da Fools

    Completely un-aerodynamic and heavy as hell. Apparently one craps and pisses outside. Yes do freaking green. Go away with this green crap. Chive stop pretending the hipster Venice lifestyle is how the world should be. Grow up fer Crists sakes! Stupidest design out there.

  • Jeff

    Zero storage eh?

  • LayRay

    No bonus room??? Turd!

  • http://www.doityourselfrv.com RV AJ

    Incredible! I am so motivated to make one now. If only I had something to pull it around with. It looks like something from a Santa display in a mall.

    I added to my blog for RV people. Thanks!

    Link to article: http://www.doityourselfrv.com/tiny-house-rv-mobil

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