Genius or Stupid (30 Photos)

  • Craigery

    #26 Does one of those little candles produce enough heat to keep an entire mug of cheese hot and melty?

    • qteam3d

      Ceramic mugs retain heat very well, which is why they're used for hot drinks.

      This is like a little crock pot.

  • Stick


    • hello please

      Or y'know, just put your phone away and live in the real world for a few minutes.

  • Wonderin

    #17 That pizza is lookin' nasty!

    • guest

      It looks moldy

    • Bob

      most definately NOT genius.

  • lucid_eye

    I made something just like #9 but it is used to burn green stuff not hold it

  • Jorso Tor

    #21 You monster 😦

  • Fidel


    Meh, you can pull the yolks out of a bowl of eggs with am empty water bottle.

    • just passin through

      or just use your hands

  • waltgator

    #12 #13 actually pretty good ideas!

  • Txcherokee

    #12 For once a year items like Christmas decorations, this is pure genius.

    • NOLA

      Why not just the attic then?

      • TxLoneRider

        My house has 2 attics, the second floors attic has insulation that extends above the top of the ceiling joists, so no storage there, awkward to get to, and the attic above the garage is really difficult to get around in.

        Plus both of the attics get significantly warmer than the that location.

        I just want to know where the bins came from ????

  • curmudgeon

    #18 Sure it's a cute photo but how many more times are you going to re-use it?

  • jshiver15


    No need to rush perfection. This seems slightly blasphemous.

  • kait

    I have a #6. Got one in my stocking this Xmas. It's actually pretty silly

  • Average John

    #12 Where can I get this?

    • TxLoneRider

      I can make the racks, where are the bins from?

      I don't know if standard Rubbermaid bins have strong enough lips for hanging them like this.

  • K-1

    #2: TAKE MY MONEY!
    #13: neat
    #30: I'm sure more people would buy the Wii-U if it had games likes this too… =P

  • Oglandodude

    #21 Sacrilege!

  • AnItalianChiver

    #24 dude.. Paul Walker wants his ride back

  • gandharvas

    #1 Is awesome. Put a paper towel over it as it is cooking and keeps it moister. Also keeps grease from coating inside of microwave.

  • Mike

    # 19 is a boat?? So what. I dont get it.

  • Macro

    #12 and #19 are brilliant. Inconvenient to get your stuff out but great for long-term seasonal storage of crap like decorations. And awesome for emergency supplies.

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #30 Seriously? It takes two hands to hold the remote?

    • Craigery

      One hand to hold it, the other to make it rain. Also, it's a joke, so no, not seriously.

  • Matthew L Summey

    #12 looks like a nice idea until the weight pulls the nails out and it drops on the car. Would rather it be a track that can bolt into the rafters solid. Other than that, sign me up.

    • TxLoneRider

      The best approach is to use glue and screws to make the beams. Then run bolts lag bolts into the ceiling joists. Make sure you pre-drill the holes.

  • raylicious36

    #17 is undoubtedly the worst pizza I have ever seen

  • Nny1001

    By the way…. That Tactical bacon… Rocks! Bacon in a can… With a 10 year shelf life.

  • NOLA

    #9 is genius if you live in a bad neighborhood; #19 just seems like a pretty ordinary small motorboat. Am I missing something?

  • ben

    #17 WTF is on that pizza? Mini marshmallows and mold?

    • Anomanom

      Tofu and blue cheese.

  • TommyB

    I like the idea of #4 with #14 that way when you're done, ya just pick it up and toss it out the window.

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