One beautiful Marine Chivette (25 Photos)

Meet Alexa and those amazing eyes...

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  • chiverfromid

    ive loved, been loved, now i can say ive been IN love … perfect, just stunningly perfect

  • JHM

    Sorry, but MEH…..

  • Ryan

    Classy and beautiful. See white girls, you don't have to be a total tramp to still be desirable.

  • Eric Flores

    and you're very hot.

  • Grampski

    I love her, even if she is a boot. Why couldn't we have any amazingly beautiful females like this in any of my units.

  • Nate Uzenski

    Four years in the Marine Corps, and this is the first attractive female Marine that I've seen. I think she deserves an award.

  • CplSemper

    Okay, in Arlington right now. When are we meeting? Yut DevilPup! Email me 😉

  • steve

    Lcpl boot

  • E4Tengo

    HAHA BOOT ass pog. Makeup can do anything these days. WM doesn't stand for woman marine btw. It stands for Walking Mattress. Cuz that's what they are in the corps. Watch this boot get charged for having this online.

    • Alli

      I don't know what a 'Boot ass pog" is, nor do I understand the 'Walking Mattress' referral. Sorry, but it's probably because I don't fluently speak 'Ignorant Asshole"….

  • TXSquid

    I live in Burleson and work at the JRB. I would love to buy her a drink to Pay it Foward.

  • Jef

    hi Alexa, I 'm from Belgium
    I'm not really sure… but we might have weapons of mass destruction
    anyway, feel free to invade us anytime…
    … please?

  • Austin Mcdonald

    wow i wish all the female marines in my unit looked like her

  • jake

    Nice to see a girl that doesn't over pluck her eyebrows for once!

    Thanks for your service beautiful lady!

  • Poops

    I didn't see a single titty or ass. Boo.

  • chad


  • Zak

    Semper Fi, sister!!! #4

  • @BigTrucker81

    I like to meet this hot marine girl She's a badass I like it

  • da goober

    im officially in love with a marine! if you are ever in ora.nge county, la, or san diego….. you know what to do!!!!! #1

  • 03 forlife

    Awesome love the lack of slutty pics in the uniform! Your beautiful and classy! Semper!

  • US Army

    eww no thanks

  • Thrillhouse

    Very pretty. Semper Fi.

  • Mike

    Absolutely gorgeous, thank you for serving our country.
    from a firefighter in Miami, fl

  • Morgan

    #8 beautiful eyes

  • Raaah


  • moose

    Semper fi! Hey just be proud of her she is serving our country in whatever capacity instead of sitting back bitching and trying to get a free ride! And especially when she is this beautiful, wow and double wow!

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