Redheads, don’t act like you don’t know you’re amazing (58 Photos)

  • KCooperCO

    #1 Those eyes

    • HumpDan

      What eyes?

    • bdg

      #1 Has a soul,because I just gave her mine!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!

      • bdg

        #26 FTW I wanna do bad things with you!!!

    • danyeager464

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  • Nick

    #1 Most beautiful women i have ever laid eyes on MOAR!!!!!!!

    • Jimmy C

      Damn, what's with all the downvotes? I thought this chick was a complete stunner. Had me stopped right off the bat.

  • Steven Sampaga

    #51 Why, hello

    • echogeo

      Webster's New World Dictionary defines bedroom eyes as: See #51

    • Joe

      I thought she had a booger the first time I looked

    • Brian

      Need more, and in HQ.

    • Matt

      Only redheads!! Very beautiful!! Match it up at least!! Even your hair gives you away!! Stay in your catagory!! Redheads have a place all their own!!

  • csor1120

    Well I was about to go to sleep, but now I have to search for redheads on youporn. Looks like I'm about to open a "new incognito window" Thank you Google Chrome…

    • J. Shea

      That is the best comment ever.

      • JAG

        Justin is this you?

    • MM3

      Something tells me you don't understand the purpose of incognito. I'll give you a hint, announcing to the world that you're going to watch porn… kind of defeats it.

      • MylesofStyles

        I may not be the greatest detective on the planet, but I'm willing to bet the house that "csor1120" is not his real name.

    • bfm

      That just made my entire day. Probably because i just opened a "New incognito window" to look at the chive at work. haha

    • dogcandy

      Faye Reagan

  • ontherun1989

    #57 Yes. Very much yes.

  • nanard

    #34 is splendid. Higher quality photo would give her justice

  • Rich

    #47 stands alone

    • tom

      oh. my. god. MOAR!

  • happy day

    #39 The buck most certainly stops here.

    • Howard Sterns Penis

      i think you meant…"nice rack"

    • blue_bronco

      Self inflicted photobomb

  • Peas

    #50 Karen Gillan, best read head ever!

  • love them redheads

    I'm on fire. I'm crumbling like a ginger bread man

    • MylesofStyles

      *ginger head man

  • @FueledByOptimus

    #44 #51 are doing it right

  • 88cents

    Is it just me or did most of these pictures come all warped out ? I'm feeling a bit deprived … :-/

  • rick t

    #14 veronica ricci nsfw but damn well worth it.

  • michigan chiver

    Did I just fall in love with red heads?! Yup! So many gorgeous girls I cant pick just a few.

  • VanCan

    #7: I'm a bit partial to this one, seeing as though I'm a Canucks fan!
    #30 and #44: Tied for best

    • crash25

      Exactly correct K1. #7 for the gap

      • K-1

        just noticed that, good eye

    • 908s

      Lets go RANGERS

      • K-1

        Flashbacks of 1994, ouch! =P haha

    • pbb005

      #7 was attractive till i saw the nucks' jersey…i think she'd look better in a Kings jersey

      • RedHotChivette

        Oh hell no! Go nucks go! 😉

        • K-1

          Thanks for the support! =)

      • K-1

        Although I'm obviously still upset over last season's early defeat of my beloved Canucks, I will admit that I've always liked black hockey jerseys, so cool looking! That's why I miss our old skate jerseys…

        • RedHotChivette

          Noooo I love the blue and green SO much better! those old one's look so… stale. Change is good 🙂

          • K-1

            Indeed, it's almost about time for another jersey changed… So i propose black! =P

            • RedHotChivette

              Nooooo, the blue and green go so well with my ginger hairs!

              • K-1

                Knowing the trend of the Canucks ownership, who just LUV to change up jerseys to make a profit, I wouldn't put it past them, to try a new look within the next 5 years or so!

                • zoo1818

                  vancan. you just got RedHotChivette to respond and all you can do is talk about hockey?

                  • RedHotChivette

                    What's wrong with that? It's a great topic. What would you talk to me about?

                    • VanCan

                      Good question. I'll await zoo1818's response…

  • love redheads

    #56 Kempersuicide

    • shitty

      #56……… Can I see your TITTOO's?????

      • ...

        Yes you can. Google Hattie Watson. Enjoy. 😉

        • mullet4evr

          No, you need to Google Kemper Suicide to see her's…

    • waltgator

      cool! gracias!

  • Don't want a troll

    Remember when Nikki cox was hot. Eeeewwww

    • Baha

      I like this gallery about as much as the black is beautiful gallery. Take a guess how much that is.

  • whyme1973

    #1 #8 #24 #51 #54 So many hot redheads in here, but today, the eyes have it.

  • Ray Jackson

    #46 hello you so fine

    • MylesofStyles

      She's got a crease on her stomach. 2/10. Would not bang.

  • Parker

    #4 My spidey sense is tingling.

    • xBigBossx

      Damn, beat me to it.

    • Gabriel Garcia

      That's Nicole Marie Jean

    • Trav1121

      MJ as Spidey = awesome. What a twist!

    • groggy

      At first, I was stoked…then I looked at the fingers, and I had a fit of nerd rage. She's a FRAUD!

  • gizzy

    #7 girl in a jersey gotta love

    • silkySapper

      Too bad the jersey is garbage, she should probably take it off

    • Ben

      Especially when it's a Canucks jersey!

  • orion

    #7 my lucky number , canucks my team and my favorite body, i want see moreeee

  • TTME

    #7 #30 #40… you know what i want… MOAR!!

    • 908s

      My top 3

    • big bob


  • epic ass is epic

    #16 please

    • SOhioChiver

      #16 That was my favorite too. could be the pose… or smile… or the cute little tummy… or the skimpy panties…or the fact that she has no bra on and her beautiful natural red hair is the only thing covering her delicious little titties. Pretty sure it isn't the sink…

      • @Cracka3000

        That's my piece of ass… seriously that's my GF.

        • thenomadadventures

          jerking off to her picture hardly makes her your GF….but nice try 🙂

        • SOhioChiver

          congrats! thanks for being cool about her posting!

  • Kanoo

    #8 rules this gallery

    • FNG

      I so agree with you. Holy crap! one fantasticly hot lady there. ty #8

    • Ty4

      It's that smirk! It's magnetic!

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