The world’s biggest bonfire ever constructed (10 HQ Photos & Video)

Via Twistedsifter

  • ontherun1989

    So the guy that lights it is a human sacrifice or what?

    • Wet_tosti

      Leave it up to Nicolas Cage!

    • Silverstone

      Traditionally, yes!

  • Bri Guy

    I love that they are wearing hard hats for safety yet are passing pallets overhead 100 feet off the ground with zero fall protection

    • El_Hefe

      Texas A&M could have learned a few things…

      • pudgymuffinman

        Man, you're funny. It's not like anyone died or anything.

    • whos.mike

      Someone call OSHA

  • Derek

    Quick —- solve global warming….. /facedesk

  • Chive on

    Meanwhile in the country I wish this happened in.

  • Steven Sampaga

    Looks safe…….

  • USAF_Ammo

    #2 Did Yao Ming move to Norway? That dude is all legs.

    • Bob Fungus

      Barrel distortion, that was shot with a wide angle lens

  • gbmsimoes2012

    #7 Maybe it's just perspective but it sure looks like if that bunch of pallets on fire fell to THIS side all hell would break loose…

    • Rafael_RS

      Nah, I don't think so
      they are all protected by the Norse Gods

  • andrew

    previous to this the biggest bonfire was the texas aggie bonfire. check it out. that deserves a post

    • JFF


    • Rock

      The Texas A&M bonfires I went to before they stopped it were much bigger than this.

      • MIZ

        No, no they weren't. Aggie bonfires were 50-60 ft tall. This was 131 feet. See the difference?

        • punintended

          109' 10" for A&M

    • Realist

      Yes, let's a make a post to piss poor engineering that killed 12 people.

      • Neens

        They had plenty of bonfires that didn't hurt anyone, but by all means remember the negative and only the negative, don't appreciate the tradition. Ass.

        • truth,org

          Lets face the truth for once, the Aggie bonfire was a school tradition that had been corrupted by many factors including a desire to make the stack taller that the previous year while ever increasingly skating around the concept of safety. Add in intermittent alcohol consumption by some members of the work crew and a tragedy was possible. Looking back, the student body pushed the limits of the tradition while the school as a whole kept "loose reins" at best on the entire event. Everyone was to blame.

          • Ol' rock

            Your facts are false Truth,org… The university limited the size to 55 feet x 45 feet. How would I know? Because I built the damn thing and still do.

            I'm sorry but I cant see the merit in this. It burns instantly and I can see through it. Its a glorified Texas tech camp fire.

            Aggie bonfire still exists today as "student bonfire" Check it out if you want some real bonfire pics

            BUILD THE HELL!


    • Bob25

      Aggie bonfire was much better than whatever the hell the pallet fire was.

      And wondering why they started the fire from the top…

      • Ryan

        If the started from the bottom the whole thing would collapse in a matter of minutes, probably killing the idiots standing 100 ft from the fire.

  • Stockholm

    Midsummer in Scandinavia has nothing to with John the Baptist – it's a pagan, pre-Christian, celebration.

    • jadedhero1331

      Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this.

    • Jaz

      yeah so was christmas

  • Richard Phitzwell

    I wonder how many bodies they were able to hide in there during the building process?

  • @EirikGr

    KCCO from Norway!

  • Silverstone

    Just curious…..for the sake of stability, did anybody think to hose down the bottom 1/3 of the tower to try and prevent a premature collapse?

  • RichoVonBlack

    Curse you Norway!, you win this round, but next year,,,,oh yes, next year,

  • 2Dogs

    pretty cool post. You might wanna do something about two of the same video ads blowing my ears off at the same time time playing on the page though…just sayin kcco

  • MonkeyMadness

    #6 Maybe they're farther away than they look, but the people on that island look like sitting ducks if that thing fell the wrong way.

  • stuart

    Cheryl tiegs nice (Family Guy)

  • Wet_tosti

    #6 Would be epic when the audience begins to scream " Frodo! He dit it, he destroyed the ring!"

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  • Sabre

    Who was the retard in charge of lighting it? You had one job! Making the fire to distribute evenly is not a complicated affair. Such a waste.

  • RetiredChief

    Right, because using a crane would have been way too easy. Then , lets stand right next too it as it burns and collapses

  • mshaw166

    That must throw a ton of heat. Those people on the island are much braver than I!

  • Dan

    All those times you took the bus or rode your bike to work have just been nullified.

  • JLeh29

    Looks like a fun game of Jenga

  • AnItalianChiver

    #5 It would have been perfect in Manchester UK, with United fans singing a well known chant

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