Best photos of the week (65 Photos)

  • CDN chiver

    Not first

    • Joe

      I boinked your mom

  • Brian


    I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United
    States of 'Merica.

    • Spelling Nazi


    • Waka waka

      I thought this was dar.. It looks more like best photos of the week…

    • Jose_Ariel

      "terrorist, your game is through, 'cause now you have to answer to…"

    • Boom 'Merica

      And one nation under god!

    • Brian

      And one nation, under Gowrd.

  • David Gorski


  • robert

    Il mow anybody's grass in a dress and heels for one month if you find #19. pinky promise

    • Everclear

      Thunder thighs.

      • therealguy


    • N80

      Christine @

    • Randy

      This is my daughter. I'm so proud of my little chivette.

      • Um...

        Her father is dead you asshole…and yes I knew her, I went to high school with her. He died her senior year.

        • mises

          i think thats obvious……

        • CanadianMedic

          Whoa randy is ghost dad!!

          • Aberta Dirty


    • Alex

      Ask the bang bus bros.

    • dirtysanchez

      #29 i finally recognized her from earlier posts. The piercing and the boobs give her away.

    • ThaDude

      I believe that's the beautiful Nakita Lynn…

    • Th3Instrct0r

      There is a reason this is the only picture selected from the entire album. She somehow managed to alter her face in this one.

    • haskel

      Christine Carollo

    • That Guy

      Please tell me she does porn. She seems like the perfect candidate with her daddy issues and all.

    • moose

      the most beautiful woman ive seen

  • johnnystyle25

    #19 Great look and nice squishy.

    • Sean

      Dear Thighs, I love you…

  • chive city 4

    Sideshow bob rules!

  • sirrantsalot

    #41 the mysterious look really works!

    • ;.)

      Thanks! 🙂

      • Anon

        Jacie lol?

    • Sammy

      Her names Cala Rose 🙂

      • sirrantsalot

        Just googled Cala Rose, and the mystery has been solved! Im officially packing my bags and moving to Canada!

  • Old Maid

    #58 Hell no!

    • Alberta Dirty

      Cool as a cucumber. Oh wait theres a shark, well that changes everything!

      • Jared

        piss my own pants just looking at this one

  • ZiaChiver

    #16 Is it just me, or is she balancing one of those dumps on her head?

  • Senke

    #19 little immature girls. These sluts are for the younger pups out there

    • Dude

      Her legs are really fat lol reminds me of tree trunks… Must be hard to get to her… Well you know…

      • Anon

        Hey. Those legs are sexy as hell.

      • ...

        Not from behind its not!!

    • Ryan

      She obviously doesn't respect herself . The back of a van?????!!!! Come on…

    • Benny

      And stay away ya old fart

    • Don113

      Little? Young when compared to a bitter old scrotum-skinned fart like you, I suppose, but little? No sir.

      • Geezer

        I get hard every time I see this pic. So much deliciousness there…

    • Daddyjax

      Dude, if 28 and 5'4 120lbs is little and immature then you got some issues to work out!

    • xuocram

      shes got legs like woah, gotta love some fucking curves

  • larry

    #19 needs to be found quickly.

    • Yoda

      Thats my girlfriend. Great sex we have.

      • Projekt_J

        Cool story bro

      • larry

        Then it should be easy to find and submit more of her hotness!!

    • daddyjax

      Christine Carollo

  • tralfaz

    #63 *whispering* …it's right behind you…

  • jhento

    #19 geeeezus

    • mdog

      i wonder if she ended up with the thunder thighs before or after she got married

  • Smithetsl

    #52 Gotta' love it when a porn star makes the list.

    • tyler

      who is she???………is a question one might ask…nvrmnd

    • Smithetsl

      Melissa Mendiny

  • HereWeGo

    #41 #52…WIN

    • DUCATI 999R

      #52 is Melissa A or Melissa mendiny

  • Jake

    #19 I know her. No Bueno…..

    • Molly

      I was wondering if I know her… she looks like a girl I worked with years ago…

      • Joe

        So do you

  • Thunderhawk

    If #33 and #56 could come over and serve me #55 that would be grrrrrreeeat!

  • @julesmarie310

    #58 ummm not ok. not ok at all.
    #64 well you go ahead and get ya some

  • Mel_Gibson

    #37 Hank ❤


    #9 FTW

    • john

      Kelly Brook

  • Rene

    #19 is that a van? Teach your daughters not to talk to strangers.. Please..

  • ashhhhhhh

    #19 may have just turned me into a lesbian

    • Teachme how 2 Bucky

      ME too


    #29 Whattabody

    • dirtysanchez

      She was in sexy chivettes earlier today. Look for the boobs and piercing.

    • Chris

      It's crazy how she got so dirty everywhere except for her hair and bikini bottom..

  • Bruce Wayne

    Holy hell she's smokin' hot!

    • jeff

      Jesus H fuck, hot!

  • Tim

    #14 nothing less than a masterpiece!

    • Shira

      You can find her on deviantart.
      She has a lot more pictures like this. 🙂
      You're welcome.

      • Tim

        oh my dear lord…i love you, thank you ever so much!

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