Couple wanted a sailboat, so they built one — that simple (51 Photos)

A couple had a dream of having their own boat to sail once they were retired. It took them 14 years to realize this dream. The boat was built from aluminum with a cherry wood interior. It has everything they need, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom. Here’s a look at how they did it.

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  • Star


    • Seth

      it would be awesome if the second they put it into the water it sank right to the bottom of the goddamn ocean

      • Mustafa Balboa

        It would be more awesome if people like you never breed and end your gene pool.

  • Ray

    That can't be safe.

    • nate

      Idiot. You do realize that even in factories boats are built by people…right?

  • jen

    come sail away

    • blah


  • l550


    • l550


    • mac

      The only worse than saying first is being wrong about it….douche

    • Jackthecanadian

      ouuuu…that's awkwardly embarrassing..

  • Spelling Police

    My computer just blocked an exploit attempt from your website, Chive. Thanks for that. Perhaps if you stopped doing that crap, your site would load faster.

    • Berty

      Sneaky fucking Russians, I've been dealing with those dogs.

    • FNG

      I've been dealing with the same crap. not everytime time i load the chive but about once a week my computer blocks an attack from the chive site also.

    • jasonreiss

      use ad-block and you wont have that problem.

      • Spelling Police

        I do and it's wonderful. It's currently blocking 15 companies and 3 social networks from tracking me on the Chive.

      • ...

        Thanks for the heads up feel like a dinosaur for not knowing but appreciate it

        • jasonreiss

          you are welcome, it makes the internet a much nicer place to be.

      • Smitty

        Indeed. Pick the right one and you can make the internet just like it was before advertizing feces was smeared on every sit you went to.

        Not telling which one here, don't want it circumvented.

    • crazydog

      Not sure what kind of bullshit software you're running…

  • AdamBaldick

    I cant make macaroni glue sculptures. these people are awesome.

  • MylesofStyles

    That's all fine and dandy except for the part where their backyard was a shipyard for fourteen years.

    • forrestforrestgump

      Or for the next fourteen years honey we'll save from each paycheck and at the end of the decade and a fucking half we'll buy one

  • tv_paul

    Nice work. They can build a boat, I can't even put together Ikea furniture together right on the first try.

    • guest

      give me your man card!

    • HUH?

      in the fine print it probly says the guy is a professional boat builder or something. that clearly wasnt his first date with a welding torch.

      • Random Guy

        Yayyy, super-rich couple builds a boat instead of buying one, yayyyy.

  • peanut3603

    I'm on a boat.

    • Si1entStatic

      do'n flips and shit…

      • marcjwrz

        It's a big blue watery road.

  • buttsnstuff

    I think the guy looked at his wife when it was all finished and said "I built this so I can fuck you anywhere in the world"?

    • MylesofStyles

      It's his wife, not his girlfriend.

    • Russ

      you're obviously not married.

    • sandy astroglide

      And her answer was "Let's start in the middle of the Sahara Desert".

  • Bob

    Mine's better

  • 29er

    #6 talk about having a certain set of skills.

    • 30er

      Nobody was talking about that.

  • FoolOfATook


    • @valorikx221

      I'd hit it

  • Hank Hill

    I had to put together my kid's Power Wheels Jeep for Christmas and almost had a stroke. These people are dedicated.

  • justin

    damn fine work..very nice.

  • Tillman61

    That is awesome. I was expecting something laughable, but this is amazing.

    I was expecting something laughable, because if I built a boat, it would be laughable and christened "The Suckage"

  • Justin Cider

    That's the problem with Canadians too much time on there hands

    • Lakeview

      …like having enough to study grammar enough to know the difference between "their" and "there."

      • oregoncoast


    • Meghan

      Better than wasting all of our time at take-out places….'MURICAA

  • TMan

    What a bunch of dickheads…….that is incredible.. how can you say anything but wow that's pretty cool!

  • mothball275

    built a boat from scratch… can't even paint it.

    • Larry

      I think that's the way the intended it. I had the same thought though.

    • Yup

      Probably the test run. Maybe wanted to test it before paint in case modifications need to be made. I know at work we test fly the airplanes before painting them too. Kinda the same except we hope that the planes don't end up in the water.

    • nate

      The boat is aluminum. It doesn't rust, therefore it does not need paint. Paint fades and peels and needs constant maintenance. It also needs to be repainted every few years at a cost of several thousands of dollars. Besides, aluminum hulls are pimp.

  • db83

    Stay tuned next month for "Couple Drowns After Homemade Sailboat Capsizes."

    • Trini

      Why so many Dis-likes??? db83's comment was pretty funny. We don't really want them to die, but his comment was funny.

      • nate

        Because it implies that the boat is of shoddy construction or the couple is incompetent. I think it safe to assume neither is true. I also am sick of those who will never be anything more than mediocre trying to quiet their self loathing by crapping on those who do great things, even if a pathetic attempt was made to be funny. I'll be glad to answer any more questions you may have. Good day.

  • da da da da motor...

    This guy is awesome !!!
    I plan on buying one used for like twenty grand and repairing….will be a ton cheaper than this….Sailing is awesome and many people today are to stupid for it,(most prefer turn the key and go fast Ricky bobby)… so there are cheap ones everywhere if you look hard enough… But Kudos to this guys welding, carpentry, design, plumbing, etc skills..Fuking impressive.

    • julian


  • halfsmoke00

    #52 You would think that after 14 years they would've finished painting it before sailing in it. Still awesome that they did it themselves.

    • Meghan

      They got too excited

    • Jack Spectre

      They're doing sea trials. Best to find the leaks and weld them up before spending the money on a paint job.

    • LeftFlasherOn

      It's aluminum. I would polish it and not worry about the paint.

    • Zed

      alloy doesn't need painting. the markings you can see are done to ensure the raw alloy oxidises properly. this layer of oxidation then protects the material from further corrosion. it's fairly standard in the world of alloy boats

      also, this is fscking impressive! I'd love a boat like that, but I don't have the yard to build it in.

      • interesting

        fuk the down votes zed…was a good lesson, thanks 🙂

  • chucklesclown

    This is pretty awesome. However, after weighing a 30 minute construction time against 14 years of financial and physical dedication, I have decided to just stick with Lego boats.

    • waltgator

      hahah! word!

    • waltgator

      that would look awesome polished!

  • guest

    Very cool! Well done!

  • Ryan

    It's a schooner

    • whatever

      No, it's not. It's a sloop.

      • Dr. Schooner

        You're a sloop.

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