Couple wanted a sailboat, so they built one — that simple (51 Photos)

A couple had a dream of having their own boat to sail once they were retired. It took them 14 years to realize this dream. The boat was built from aluminum with a cherry wood interior. It has everything they need, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom. Here’s a look at how they did it.

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  • Bob Palindrome

    Nice work. I hope the aluminum plays nice with the seawater.

  • Brett Hall


  • Dennis

    like a boss !! Well done

  • scoise maloise

    boats n ho's

  • goforth


    I was hoping the next pic would be of the boat floating in the pool….

    • Azairian

      unfortunately…a chlorinated pool would have absolutely no where near the buoyancy to keep a boat of that size or of build material afloat…

      i totally wanted to see it in there too though. freakin..giant sailboat in bathtub sorta thing.

    • Fuzzy

      Glad to see I wasn't the only one thinking that.

  • mirou

    bravo, yes you can

  • Medium00Rare

    My wife and I have trouble deciding the proper way to cook ramen noodles…

  • surewhynot

    Couple wanted a sail boat. Couple had lots of money. So they built one. Simple as that. Cool though.

  • Username Taken

    At first I thought it was a COCAINE SUBMARINE!

  • Bill lebowski

    This is okay I guess

  • Tommy Boy

    Did, at any time during the building process, the wife ever come outside and yell 'Quit playing with your dinghy"?

  • mike

    no paint?

  • The Joe

    That's pretty bad-ass!

  • Brad

    You would think that they would've painted it considering how corrosive salt is to aluminum.

    • Jack Spectre

      The bottom is painted. They didn't paint the topsides until after sea trials, in case they had to fix any leaks or cracks.

  • Capt. Norm

    i envy their skill and dedication to the project, i expect they are now living aboard boat and travelling the globe !!!


    I think that I've seen this boat – Dutchman's Cove near Penetang/Midland on Georgian Bay. There can't be that many custom-built, aluminum boats kicking-around. If it's the same, it's amazing in-person, and surely it could take one hell of a beating. The only downside that I could see is that on sunny days, you wouldn't want to be standing on the deck barefoot and without sunglasses (it's been buffed-up quite a bit since these pictures).

  • Chris Maniotas

    #6 thats a dick!

  • DemonIAm

    You dumb bastard! That's not a schooner, it's a sailboat!


    wow thats incredible ,all that steel looks great

  • jshiver15

    Really impressive metal work. Some serious dedication and skill went into this.

  • Jude

    # 50. how did they raise the funds again;)

  • FiddyKing

    Prestige Worldwide!!!!

  • Tim

    wow.. that's impressive, must have cost a shit ton of moneys though!

  • jobvindex

    #50 It's a meth lab

  • God

    Home made aluminum boats leak. Chronically. One or two squalls and some sturdy chop and that hull is a sieve of tiny leaks, you'll never find em all. Just keep the bilge pumps on and hope the water doesn't short the electrics. Noah, now theres a guy who could build a boat.

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