Couple wanted a sailboat, so they built one — that simple (51 Photos)

A couple had a dream of having their own boat to sail once they were retired. It took them 14 years to realize this dream. The boat was built from aluminum with a cherry wood interior. It has everything they need, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom. Here’s a look at how they did it.

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  • weaksauce

    #24 i really thought they were going to put it in the pool. I kept thinking "this will have a red neck ending………it didn't : /

  • Steve-O

    Aluminum sailboat, thats smart…should'nt get too hot in the sun …

  • AvsFanTRD

    #50 Meth boat?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #52 – good for them.

  • Mike

    If the ship sinks, who's the captain that goes down with it? I'd normally assume its the husband, but with so many pants switching operations these days, it might be the wife.

  • TrevorJ

    It would have been easier to buy a custom boat with the 14 years worth of saved money. But where is the fun in that.

  • Andrew
  • ghostofmlg

    Aluminium boat won't be much good in salt water. Of course you could sail the Great Lakes for years and never see the same place twice.

  • Panzerschrek

    the best of that is that they will die happy in their own boat.

  • Ryan

    It may have been made at their home but this is no way shape or form a "homemade" boat. It is carefully engineered and fabricated from the metal to the wood. You don't simply pick up a welder and a tape measure and build something like this. Hats off to these two!

  • Fellow Builder

    What happened to the Chive On Spirit with the bulk of these comments? I would venture to say that most of us are here for the positive nature of the site in that it encourages others to do whatever makes them happy and inspire others to do the same. Oh, and of course the gaps, humps, etc. But, my hat is truly off to this couple for accomplishing their dream. Shame on those for raining on what few people are even capable of not only attempting, but seeing to fruition. Congratulations!!!

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