Do something innovative this weekend (20 Photos)

  • glenngarf

    Maybe if you live in West Virginia (cue banjo music…)

    • john m

      Hey! Play Nice!

    • adb9382

      Deliverance was not filmed, nor based in West Virginia.

    • WV

      Go fuck yourself buddy!

  • Bhodi

    #1 Is that a cop?

    • TheBAMFinater

      I think you're right. I hadn't noticed that before.

    • deez

      yep, prob regrets this picture too

      • Guest

        It's not his car, he's helping some idiot who can't read a gas gauge.

    • MylesofStyles

      Come and try to snatch my crops?

    • FunKiller

      Looks like DeeBo

    • Rob

      I know that cop. Gotta love small towns. The Colony, TX.

    • Adolph Heimlich

      Certainly not a Redneck!

  • John

    #11, where's the fix?

    • Shoofly

      Deodorant taped to the fan

    • john m

      Deodorant Stick Taped to the Grill!

  • Shoofly

    I'm going to do something drink-ovative this weekend instead.

    • scoise maloise

      ^ you are so cool!

  • c squared

    it was just a few days ago


    GO PATS!!!

    • maas



    #10 is my hero


      Gramps is partying like it's 1985

    • Professor Farnsworth

      Behold….. the finglonger

  • 29er

    #12 an expensive sled, unless you have one laying around.

  • tv_paul

    #17 Wished for new speaker cabinets and Prestone they appeared!

  • Derh

    #6 So the question is….is the driver now pantsless?

    • Derh

      WTH? I meant #8

    • Gazzlo

      Yes- #8 I was wondering the same thing! Hopefully he doesn't go commando!!!

  • StarboardEngine

    Yeah, think I'll pass on the waterslide.

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Thise trailer park interior designers are stepping up their game

    • Cracka_ass_cracka


  • sfb101

    #4 Who drinks that swill!?!
    #10 Get out of the stone age…
    #21 Ahhh, Vice grips!

  • RichardWhiskey

    #1 why does every black guy look familiar

    • Fade

      the lack of variety in haircuts

      • Skermitt

        Black people probably think the same shit about white people…

  • @JustFlushIt

    This series should be called "Redneck or Kazakhstan?"

  • GeorgiaRosa

    #10 was this photo taken in 1975? There must be remote somewhere..

  • Jesus Christ

    Didn't companies stop supporting that type of cable input anyway? Who doesn't have a set top box now-a-days?

  • chron247

    #17 that's pretty damn innovative! I'm impressed.

  • buck

    #2 is a hipster not a redneck

  • Rich

    #10 Early prototype of the Fing-longer

  • nope

    seen a few of these pics hella times on here…..

  • Dylan

    "Redneck Innovation Gallery" and the first photo is a black cop. Maybe time to drop the "Redneck" moniker?

    • uradufus

      You must live in an all white city!!
      Redneck aint a skin color.

  • echogeo

    Street sweeping Jed Clampett style.

  • Guest

    Once again, LE has to waste their time helping idiots who can't read something as simple as a gas gauge when they could be doing more productive things.

  • Darrell


    How's about no.

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