Slowly sip on a drink as you take a lovely trip down memory lane (35 Photos)

  • GatOner

    #21 When I was a kid, my buddy's dad was a paramedic. His parents were hosting some social event and naturally, me and my buddy were bored. We decided to pop in some Rescue 911. Turns out his parents had taped over it with porn. I remember it blasting on the TV and all the adults scrambling to turn it off. My first porn was on a Rescue 911 tape at the age of like 7. Thanks, Chive, for the nostalgia…

  • Jodi Hidinger

    #28 #29 #33 love, love, love

  • 1_eye

    #5 los locos kick your ass, los locos kick your face, los locos kick your balls into outer spaaaace.

    • Jodi Hidinger

      Also love this ^^^^^^^

  • wombatgarden

    I hate being an adult.

  • Guthrie

    #19 scored in the million range every time!!!

  • Shoofly

    My childhood must have sucked, just based on not knowing what this one picture is. I have to rethink my entire life now, I didn't realize my childhood sucked until seeing this. I don't know what to believe now.

  • chron247

    #11 Ahhh… Virtual Gameboy! Nothing says "good times" like a having a few seizures. I still have mine!

  • Ben Bizzle

    Rescue 911 was a freaking awesome show!

  • Jonathan

    #6 holy shit the fucking cars would fly off the track EVERY TIME. They didn't race… they would just end up under the couch.

  • SpitfireHugger

    #1 always meant Wild Women and Jack Daniels to me.

  • justin

    #10, Cocaine, …is a hellva drug.

  • cp_

    #1 still got one of these

  • Chris

    Yes yes yes a thousand times yes!! I loved the shit out of that thing!

  • Sparknotes

    #27 Battlebeasts for the win!!

  • drewbreezz

    #19 first level on tony hawks pro-skater!! my childhood was awesome

  • inkstained

    #34 yep.

  • Busternut

    #28 If you ever look up "like a fucking boss", on the internet, this is the picture that should accompany it.

  • steveCal

    #19, I was so addicted then i moved to a better version where you can build a topless girl riding and unlock actual nude stripper video. Real nudity.

  • Stick

    Used to show us Rescue 911 in health class instead of giving us an education back in high school.

  • Tex Ass

    Thong ta thong, thong thong #13 #17 and #35

  • SnakemanDan85

    #20 GET OVER HERE!!!
    #23 I definitely had one!

  • Jonny 5 for the win!

    #5 Doctor Ruth says, "Violence is an expression of sexual frustration".

  • Chris

    #18 – can't place it. Anyone?

    • iGaucho

      I believe it's George Michael.

      • MNExpat

        That would be the intro to George Michael's "Faith" video.

  • Evil

    #33 would you like to have a roll in za

  • heyisTi

    #29, still my favorite game.

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