The heart warming story of Francis the dog (31 Photos)


  • sfb101

    Awww, what a great story. Cool looking dog too.
    Someone's cutting onions.

  • J. Phine

    Good stuff, love the feel good stories. Is it 5 yet?

  • Texas

    What breed is he?

  • Coldzilla

    Reason #6,849 why dogs are better than cats

    And why some humans overflow with compassion while others leave small dogs in a box by the roadside

    I hate human

  • Stu

    I just want to hug all the cats!

  • Pla

    What kind of dog is he?

  • wombatgarden

    could he be any cuter?

  • whoknew

    One of our dogs who passed to doggy heaven last year had a similar story. Found on the side of the road with is litter mates who were run over multiple times. The vet tech's boyfriend found him and they cleaned him up and took care of him until he was about 6 weeks old. Unfortunately they also had multiple cats who like to annoy the puppy. The wife brought him home for the weekend, we had two other dogs at the time, and he stayed with us for 14 years. RIP Gibbs.

    We have a couple of rescued pups now.

  • ScottishYankee


  • Ken

    #27 – I survived a coma, so that I can be dressed like Santa. Sigh.

  • Shrimpdub

    #14 & #26 are definitely desktop background material.

  • LCC

    Sometime you just need to put them down. How much money do you think this cost these people. Personally, I could find a better way to spend it.

  • Geoluvin

    Amazing story. Francis looks to be part Great Dane, an awesome dog in itself. I hope the person who abandoned this dog burns in hell.. I got my dog from an animal shelter, he's a hyper little dip shit but I love him.

  • Karl

    As someone who has three rescue dogs, a one-eyed Shih Tzu, a no-eyed Pekingese and three-legged Chihuahua, I love this post and all good recognition for Animal Rescue and Adoption. Chive On!!!!

    • Bruins_chiver

      Congratulations, you almost have one full dog!

  • North

    Just awesome. People sicken me. All dogs want is to be loved. If they get that they're forever loyal. I can't imagine just leaving a puppy to die. I hope whoever did gets hit by a bus while crossing the street.

  • Dano

    You are ruining my bad mood. Stop that immediately! ;o)



  • SnoopDiggity

    Amazing.. Thank you Chive!! These types of stories for me, restore some faith in humanity.

  • EvilDungbeetle

    Good dog.

  • Guy

    Thats fricke awesome, thank you, I needed this today!!! Good luck Francis, your adorable!!

  • MW888

    im a grown man and this made me cry

  • SkillinVillain

    Well, that made my day. Thanks Chive and Rescuers!

  • JohnnyB

    I hope there is a special place in Hell reserved for someone who would leave an animal in a box by the side of the road.

  • 16inchzipper

    Love how this post was narrated like a children's book. Perfect fit.

  • open minded

    Thank you CHIVE…now I'm fuckin' crying at my desk. And there is no way I can blame it on dust in the air!!

  • erikhart

    Great job CARA!! I love stories like this!

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