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There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (95 Photos)

  • Dirrrrrty

    #73 Gonna need something to reinforce that button. That's a good way to poke an eye out.

  • MA ME

    #76 is an absolute stunner. Seriously stopped and stared.

  • john

    Chive, why you repost so much?!

  • James

    #46 nothing sexier than a girl who loves hockey

  • @BrettForrest89

    I'm going to have to say #35 is gorgeous, but might have to vote for the Colorado Chivette for hometown hero #43. Happy Friday!

  • sirrantsalot


  • @LeBeardo

    I stared at #24 for so long I think I got myself pregnant.

    • @Hello_YouHadMe

      Sorry… that was me.
      I can hear you heavy breathing from over here…

  • Darrell

    #22 Stunning!!!

  • Brandon

    #22 and #85 are beautiful. Would love to see #45's face because she and #54 have great bodies. I love the big bewbs, flat stomach, and apparent disdain for panties.

  • Biff T.

    #15 you are as cute as a button. A very hot, sexy, gorgeous button…but a button none the less.

  • kevin

    #2 #17

  • kevin

    #2 #17 gamer girls? how do i find you in public?

  • @TheMightyWrench

    Dear #10 i love to snowboard! I even have real bindings! 😛

  • gman0821

    #13 Fantastic underboob !!! #45 Just a little lower on the camera angle please.

  • lalex

    To be honest All the Chivettes in this post are better looking than all the other Photoshop supermodels in magazines 🙂

  • firstbeach

    #10 has right number. #80 strong too


    #13 #94 #95 have to be the same girl? That's my guess at least…

  • Kimbo

    #64 Marry me?

  • JeremyRon


  • Nate Woodard

    #13 Fantastic tits #95 Mother of gap/camel

  • snowgo

    #10 Mmmmm. i need a closer look at that board

  • crusher

    #2 baby let me play your game

  • NickB32

    #82 over the internet might isn't what you deserve but MARRY ME!! HOW IS THERE NOT A RING ON THAT FINGER??? Wifey material.

  • Daniel

    #85 Three in the pink and zero in the stink??

  • HG Markus

    #17 always a pleasure Jess,
    game on

    • MissVega84

      you know it 😉 Game On

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