Derpy tattoos unite! (38 Photos)

  • Dragon030

    Fucking hell how do that get away with it

    • Fuman Zybar

      It didn't make sense the first time.

  • Medium00Rare

    Some people are so fucking stupid….

  • Jawbone

    So every time you guys don't get enough sluts begging to be DAR'd you're going to trot out this tired set?

  • Gary

    #5 Is that Wesker?

    • Anomanom

      That does look like Wesker doesn't it.

  • waltgator

    #22 thats actually pretty good!

  • @ErinSheepterd

    #29 is Amber from Teen Mom… I knew she was an idiot

  • crazydog

    #35 looks like edward has been eating his feelings….

  • cjay

    #2 WTF??
    #3 Is that bigfoot???

  • tophZilzaal

    #25 awkward times when you become a fan of another movie

  • @julesmarie310

    #34 wtf is that? A spleen?

  • Jimmy Jam

    #27 Welcome to your free lifetime supply of unemployment!


  • ColorForDAYS

    #31 is acceptable

    • Bitchface

      I agree!

    • Frank

      Only to deaf, dumb and blind people. she's a SKANK.

      • silkySapper

        Why's she a skank? Because she's not in her undies with KCCO written on her body somewhere?

        • Frank

          No, that is the definition of a attention whore. she is a skank because she was stupid enough to get a tattoo plus look at that face. If that doesn't say "I'll take all cummers", I don't know what does.

    • nanard

      She looks great, but this tatoo is just creepy…

  • schango

    "Quaid…Quaid, start the reactor"

    • Mee

      Lol. Laughed so hard. What if that's an awesome tattoo and the kid really is that ugly?

      • Anomanom

        Judging by the parent (it could only be the parent with that tat) the kids probably are that ugly due to inbreeding and meth abuse.

  • NewYearsEvil

    What is, When poor people 'pay' someone to give them a tattoo?

  • johan

    you guys should post some good tattoo's — though i think tattoos suck

  • M00seKnucklez

    #17 super gay

  • M00seKnucklez

    #28 Fuck list?

    • DriveBy

      Anyone want to be back there slammin' away with those guys staring at you? Anyone?

  • eric

    #31 is cutie!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – no idea what it is, but i'm sure it has down syndrome.

  • Bitchface

    #12. Michael Jackson?

  • Jessica

    # damn, looks like a demon dust mop

  • KCCO6

    #34 looks like the carcass of a ball sack and or weiner….

  • grumpy

    #20 – Why do I get the feeling that these are actually really accurate portrayals of this family?

  • VanCan

    #25: This MIGHT have been cool, if it were in 3D! =P

  • Trop

    #36 made me throw up in my mouth…

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